Recent Clickbank Changes Not Liked By Everyone

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Clickbank introduced its new tiered quality rating system a few weeks ago. But those changes are not necessarily liked by everyone.

In fact, we got word of clickbank affiliates and vendors reporting quite some negative stories.

What changes did clickbank make? Clickbank introduced a tiered quality rating system for vendor accounts. Depending on the performance of clickbank accounts, the number of refunds, probably sales as well and other factors, a clickbank account is marked as green, yellow, red indicating its standing.

Depending on the severity of the ratings, vendors will have to endure additional fees once their accounts drop below a certain quality threshold.

Yellow for example indicates “slight problems” with an account, but doesn’t really pose a problem or would require any fees to pay.

But other ratings can add penalization costs for the vendor.

The reports we were getting was from vendors which have accounts in good standing with no refunds or any sort of problems. However, a single chargeback on a purchase can already put the account in the “red” and trigger a warning.

It is our opinion that chargebacks, so inconvenient and bad they might be, can occasionally happen and the clickbank vendor should not be accountable for this by default. A vendor account on clickbank can move thousands of dollars per day with hundreds and thousands of customers purchasing per month. The chances that not everything always works perfectly are rather high. The product promoted can be of high quality, a chargeback does not necessarily indicate a fault at the vendor or with the product itself.

Clickbank must overthink their new account rating structure, a single chargeback which is out of vendor control should not affect an account negatively.

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