The Benefits of a Voice Over IP Telecomms Infrastructure

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Though emails, instant messages and texts have grown hugely in popularity over the years, telecoms still play a large role in business and domestic communication.

Benefits of VoipTherefore finding the most efficient and effective infrastructure is still incredibly important if you want to keep costs down and create a system that works for you.

This is where a Voice Over IP infrastructure could make a huge difference to your home or office. But what exactly are the benefits of this system over traditional telecommunications setups.

A VoIP phone can look and operate in a very similar way to a traditional phone

What is a Voice Over IP Telecomms Infrastructure?

Voice over IP or VoIP, uses the internet as a phone line to transmit sound digitally across hundreds or even thousands of miles.

The system takes audio signals, digitalises them and sends them via your computer or smart phone to be unscrambled at the other end.

In this way VoIP allows the user to bypass the traditional phone system, turning your computer into a free, long distance phone.


Because VoIP doesn’t use the standard phone system, the cost of a call from a computer to another computer is completely free. A significant benefit for anyone that needs to communicate with people in different countries on a regular basis.

In fact, a VoIP system can save you 30%-50% compared to a traditional phone line, a large saving for most companies and households.

Although you do need some software to make calls, the vast majority of this software can be downloaded for free, and is constantly updated to ensure that it continues to evolve and adapt to changing requirements.

If you do need to call a land line or mobile phone using VoIP, you may have to pay something towards the call, however this is generally far less than what you would pay using a traditional telecoms infrastructure.


Another great feature of Voice over IP systems is their flexibility. You can easily customise the service to suit your requirements, creating private, closed networks for business use, or opening the system up to contact almost anyone in the world.

If you have regular meetings in different offices, or have to travel for work, VoIP allows you to simply unplug your phone from the office, transport it to your new location, plug it into the internet and use your business line as usual.

There are also programs available that allow you to use VoIP on your laptop, tablet computer or smart phone for extra flexibility.


As VoIP systems are always developing and evolving there is a huge amount of potential in the infrastructure.

Benefits of Skype VoipIf your company is growing rapidly, VoIP allows more and more people to use the system without having to install new phone lines, saving on valuable IT support time.

It also has to ability to have video incorporated, so you can make high quality one-to-one and conference calls, wherever you are in the world.

Skype is one of the best known VoIP services

The Cloud

The growing influence of the cloud has added to the potential and flexibility of VoIP networks, providing the possibility of making calls using wireless internet. This means that you would no longer need any wires or connections and could make calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot.

It also means that a company could set up a complete VoIP system that would then be stored on remote servers. Removing the need for the company to maintain and host the data.

Any company looking to grow their communications infrastructure should consider incorporating VoIP into their system.

The flexibility and potential for growth that it provides are unbeatable, and when you add in the money that can be saved compared to a traditional system, you’ve got yourself a winner.

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