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Creating Apps that Leave the Competition Behind

With a slew of apps in the Android and iOS market, how can one make a decent buck? The key to the mobile business success has always been rooted in good programming and brilliant designs that keep your market interested. When it comes to games on mobile, the French are still the one to beat. With gaming title giants like Gameloft, Atari and Ubisoft, their whole economy is fueled by creating great games that become instant favorites. Of course, the Facebook giant Zynga is now trying to stake a claim in the mobile business games as well.

Currently, King.com’s Candy Crush saga still dominates the playing field of mobile games. But startup companies like Pretty Simple Games, another Paris-based studio, and their hit title Criminal case are slowly but surely stealing the spotlight. This only goes to show that even the little guys can play with the big boys too. Apart from a fresh idea and spot on programming, exposing your product to social media is an essential to success. Games live and die with the population of its players , add that to the ever growing network of social media and you have a booming business.

Because the mobile apps have taken a huge piece of the pie, a lot of companies are trying to get a share of the earnings. Online pioneers like Partypoker have already developed their own Android app and has teamed up with Zynga in helping them integrate real-money poker into their popular Texas Hold’em title. You can learn a thing or two from this online poker giant. Partypoker has been the leader in online gaming because of its functionality, secured playing environment and accessibility to its target market. The site not only offers real-money poker games but offer play money for the more conservative type of players. The site also has video tutorials for beginners, making it a one stop site for everything you’ll need to play poker. This is one of the major movements that revived the poker craze in France and the rest of Europe. You can apply the same features to your program by making sure that your target market doesn’t need to leave your app to learn the game and is engaging enough that they’ll play and share the app to their friends.

You don’t even need a fresh idea, you just need to do it better than the competition. If you think about it, running games are not a new concept and has been around since the conception of Nintendo. Temple run was popular until the Despicable Me version came out. Same concept, different execution equals better results.

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