How to Get Paid to Take Surveys From Your Mobile Phone


This is the age of mobile browsing. Nearly everyone has a smartphone. In fact, Strategy Analytics recently reported that more than 1 billion people worldwide use smartphones. That’s 1 in 7 people. And these users aren’t just checking their phones every now and then. Nearly 40 percent of smartphone users play with their phone while in the bathroom. Thirty percent check their phones while eating with others. It seems there is no end to how often we check our phones. With all those active smartphone users, mobile apps have become the hottest thing.

Paid survey panels understand this, which is why most of the respectable and worthwhile paid survey panels online have created ways for you to take surveys for money from your mobile phone.

If you thought it was easy to get paid online, from your laptop or computer, get ready to be blown away by how ridiculously simple it is to get paid from your mobile phone. No longer do you even have to set aside time to sit down at a desk to take a survey.

  • Do you commute on a bus or train?
  • Are you stuck in a waiting room?
  • Wasting time in line?
  • Lying down on your couch, mindlessly watching TV?

Getting paid via online surveys for money from your phone is the simplest way to earn extra cash without having to even move from wherever it is you might be at the time. Here are some of the ways that you can get paid to take surveys from your mobile phone. Most of the recommendations here are from online surveys for money review website,

Your biggest commitment might be downloading the apps from your app store. After that, it’s as easy as texting or playing a game on your phone.


Mobrog’s entire approach is mobile. They make their experience extremely user friendly. You’ll know which surveys are paid surveys through their dollar sign icons. You’re also told how many other people have completed the survey to date, and how many people they are looking to have complete the survey in total (for example, 700/1000 means 700 people completed the survey, but Mobrog is looking for 1,000 people in total). This gives you an idea of whether it’s worth your time to complete the survey. You can always complete surveys that have met the required entries, but you won’t get paid. Mobrog typically pays .50 to $3 per survey.


iPoll has the right name, no doubt. Their homepage says it all: “Take short short surveys while you’re on the go and get paid for your answers.” You may or may not have heard of iPoll, but if you’re familiar at all with online paid survey sites, then chances are you’re familiar with iPoll is run by the same folks who run Surveyhead. iPoll will give you $5 just for signing up, and their surveys are around 10 questions each, which really cements them as leaders in the “on-the-go” approach to taking surveys. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or for your Android from Google Play, and can also be used on iPads.

Toluna Mobile

Specializes in mobile surveys. Their online blog demonstrates all the capabilities of their mobile app. While the video is tailored more toward businesses hoping to create polls, it gives you, the potential panelist, an idea of how creative Toluna gets with their mobile apps. As a panelist you can earn vouchers and payments, and can even enter into monthly sweepstakes for the chance at cash prizes as well as fun extras such as iPad minis.


Swagbucks is an extremely popular online survey web service that provides its users with a host of potential earning possibilities. It also offers two mobile apps. Unfortunately neither of these apps are survey apps, but chances are that over time, Swagbucks will create a survey app to keep up with its competitors. The two apps Swagbucks offers includes a web search app (for using Swagbucks as your search engine) and an TV-channel app (where you get paid to watch video clips). Stay tuned for more Swagbucks apps down the road.

Harris Mobile

Harris Mobile stands out among the rest because of its exclusivity. You have to be “invited” to become a Harris Poll online member. By becoming a member, Harris Mobile users have an influence in “government, corporations, and non-profit organizations.” Harris Mobile recently introduced “Lifestreamsing,” which is aimed at using social media to better understand consumers’ behaviors. With that mindset, Harris uses mobility as a way not only to make your life easier, but to provide organizations with a better understanding of their target audience. Harris is an extremely reputable survey site with a long list of dedicated clients it works with, meaning your chance of getting a survey that pertains to your demographic is good.

When it comes to mobile, paid surveys are king

The reason you got interested in online paid surveys to begin with was because you wanted an easy way to get paid. Then you realized it could be a pain to have to dedicate time to sit at your laptop or computer. “I want to go out,” you might have said. Or, “I want to go to the living room and sit on the couch.” Suddenly, online surveys became more of a hassle than you wanted. But with paid surveys going mobile, you can now truly take advantage of working on your own schedule, no matter where you are in the world.

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