Keylogger – as a business owner you probably need one

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You opened a Company, rented an office, hired employees and everything look promising. As a business owner you wrote a business plan and a time table with goals to achieve.

But for some reason nothing works as you planned.

Seems, that for some reason, your employees do not keep up with the time table you wrote.

When you look at them, it seems like they are working in full speed but again, for some reason tasks are not done on time.

So what is going on?

Have you known that according to recent statistics, 54% of the employees spending at lease 34 minutes a day on Facebook during their work?

So what can be done to find out who are these employees in your company that waste time surfing on the internet instead of working?

Well, one option is to register to an online course here at cybercamps and learn how to develop application that will help you monitoring your employees.

Another option is to download and install Keylogger monitoring software.

Keylogger software like for example, All In One Keylogger, from will allow you to monitor all company computers to find out the disloyal employees that cause you to lose money.

A Keylogger software record all computer activities including websites user surfed, emails and chat conversations and even calculates the user Idles time on the computer.

Keylogger software runs invisibly, hidden from all places were you can normally find software.

More over, just telling your employees that monitoring software is installed on all company computers, this knowing alone, will increase employees productivity and will likely put an end to the unjust phenomenon of employees that disloyal your trust.


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