Corporate Intranet Systems- Overview and Benefits

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A business thrives through proper and effective management of its daily operations and personnel as well as the practical use of company resources. All this can be achieved with the help of an effective corporate intranet system.

What is a corporate intranet system?

An intranet is a network of computers that are accessible only to authorized users. It may be a private website or a local area network (LAN) where access to confidential documents, applications and software is restricted to the internal organization. A corporate intranet system is mainly used in the corporate setting to effectively manage projects and personnel, disseminate information, collaborate, communicate and ultimately save.

Benefits of a Corporate Intranet System

Businesses of any industry, size and location benefit to a great extent from having a corporate intranet system. It is a system worth investing as it offers specific solutions to company issues. With such a system in place, there are many benefits to look forward to.

First, a company can benefit from faster and easier access to information by employees and executives. Whether using a mobile device or a desktop computer, a member can view the information he needs to complete tasks at any location. So long as there is an internet connection, offsite employees can prepare presentations, update content and complete projects.

Efficiency is also a benefit so desired by many businesses. With the corporate intranet, employees can collaborate using the different communication tools, software applications and company library to work on projects as a team. Multimedia capabilities enable them to view and update in real time the project they are working on, enabling for better quality and faster completion of projects.

With better access to information, tools and other services, employees are able to accomplish more with their time. Whether in the office or at home, they can take their work everywhere they go and still get things done. They are more productive with a common workspace and faster communication channels whenever they need to contact other workers.

At the onset, money savings is the obvious benefit from having a digital workspace. The system results in a paperless environment where forms, bulletins, memos and other documents can be published, edited and stored in one place. Expenses for printing costs and office supplies are dramatically reduced. Travel and accommodation expenses are easily wiped out from the expense account as well. Employees do not have to travel often to the office to work on projects as the intranet provides a place for collaboration. Communication expenses are also greatly reduced as phone calls and mails can be eliminated during the course of project management and general day to day operations of the business.

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