Different Languages Used for Website Development: Which is The Best One


Website development is really very common thing these days. In fact, it is the most important part of every successful business. There are so many people who now prefer websites for their business growth. The internet is really very great way to gather information and the high level and numerous website designing made it such popular and informative for internet users. If we will look the value and role of website development in the progress of internet then we will find that the internet have popularity because of the out number developed websites. Websites made it popular and useful. Today, anyone can start online business with the help of website development and it will help them to become popular all around the world.

So now, we know the popularity and usefulness of the website development so now we will see its different parts. The website development is not a simple word; it is just like entire new world. Today, there are numerous web development languages which provide different efficiency and functionalities for website. Here I am sharing with you a list of most popular website development languages which provides high level functionalities and development companies and developers prefer developing websites in these languages.

  • CGI
  • ColdFusion
  • JSP
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • PHP/Python
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Scala/Java
  • SSI

All the website development languages have been developed for enhancing the possibilities of website development and they all are best for their own purposes. But there are some languages which have some support or functionality deficiency which made them less popular. That does not make them useless or less beneficial for development at all. Few website functions unsupportive issues occur with some languages and that is why developer doesn’t prefer it for general purposes.

If you are starting your career as a developer then it is your responsibility to start with the best so that you can get perfect place for you in the future. You would need to analyze the requirement and proficiency level of website development language which will help you to understand future possibilities. Interest is really very important thing but if you are stepping in the corporate world then you would need to think little professionally.

Basically, ASP.NET, JAVA and PHP website development languages are considered perfect. Primarily, website development in ASP.NET and JAVA is more costly than the PHP website development. PHP is an open source language and a developer can get every thing for free but ASP.NET and JAVA demands supportive applications and other assets which are not free. Additionally, some developer thinks that the ASP.NET and JAVA code implementation makes the website heavier so if you will develop the website in these website development language then it would be little heavy to load but PHP is considered best of all.

You will find all the functionalities in this language and it is absolutely free of charges for developer. Most important benefit of PHP website development language is that it is considered most light weight website development language. No matter how many functions of PHP you implement on the page but your page will still load quickly! It is just because of PHP language! If you want to become professional website developer then ASP.NET, JAVA and PHP website development languages would be perfect choice for your career.

Author bio: James is a professional web designer and works in a reputed company – www.illustratedmaps.com. He also writes his own blog where he shares his passions and his interests. You may check out more about him at his blog.

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