What You Need To Know To Start Meme-ing

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Unless you’re a dinosaur or you live under a rock, you know that memes are now an unforgettable part of culture. If they do go out of fashion in the future, they will always be remembered, some will remember them with fond memories while some may blanch at the memory of memes. However, like it or not, memes are here to stay for the meanwhile, so while we’re on the topic of memes, let us see how one would go about designing memes and what are the best tools and methods for making them.

What is a Meme?

A meme is generally a humorous and popular idea or concept which moves from person to person (or the more apt, user to user) over the Internet, much in the same way that a virus moves. It is generally a very visual form of communication and most commonly found memes are photos with texts over them to add meaning to the image. Click here to see what memes are all about.

How to design a Meme?

The world isn't fairWhile some of us are content in simply going over what the Internet has to offer, there are those who wish to add to the Internet’s treasure trove. All in all, there are various ways to go about making a meme. Anyone can create memes easily using memes which are already around the Web. Simply choose template, enter the text you wish to display and that’s it, you will have made something which is (hopefully) funny and that you can share with your friends and net buddies.

However, if that seems too unoriginal, here is the low-down on how to create your own meme from scratch.

1. Research: Proliferation can lead to dilution in interest. Go over memes which have already achieved prominence across forums on the Internet. Eliminate those designs and topics which you would not want to reproduce as the Internet gets bored really quickly. In some cases, you may even find a few memes which may inspire you.

2. More Research: It’s not enough to know what memes are famous over the Internet, but what issues, topics and cultural events are trending across the Internet. Your audience will find memes on relevant topics and issues funnier than those which are backdated and out of the mainstream. For example, if you talk of the invasion of Iraq and make a joke about it, it will probably not be as funny as a joke about the Ukraine crisis. Of course, one should also keep in mind that the spirit of a meme is often sarcasm, so a joke on the above two very serious happenings is not supposed to denigrate or demean those issues in anyway. In fact, memes are supposed to lightly bring to light certain issues in a humorous manner. They are not meant to be overly insensitive or bigoted.

3. Choose Your Topic Wisely: Choose a subject which you actually know something about. If you are not a sports fan, do not make a sports meme. If you do not like Black Metal or have never heard Black Metal, do not make memes related to Black Metal. Though memes are not serious, they should still be informed. This is why a lot of memes deal with making fun of public figures. If you’d like to make a meme with some reference to your own personal experiences, do not choose some obscure experience. It should be something which other people can relate to.

4. Choose a Medium: Memes these days are predominantly based over images and most people feel comfortable making memes which are images. However, if you have experience or skill or both, then you could venture into videos.

Why men snore5. Content: Once you’ve decided upon the above topics, you need to focus on your content. The first step is to figure out if you are using your own brain or re-using material that can be found online. If the meme you want to make is an image based meme, then you will need to freeze a frame for whatever video you want. There are also many images and tools that are available over the internet which help you make the meme. Text should be short in order to cater to the Internet’s low attention span. Make sure that your text is easily relatable to the image.

6. Making the Meme: Now that you’ve got everything sorted out, you can use a meme generating tool in order to make the meme. Imgur, Imgflip, MemeGenerator.net, Rage Comic Builder, Quickmeme and iMeme are a few popular tools which people use. There’s nothing too complex about any of them. The process of making a meme is pretty simple. Choose an image, choose your text, place your text where you want it and save it. That’s it.

If you want to make video meme, then you could use Vine or YouTube. Imgur can help you make video memes as well.

Happy Meme-ing!

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