Chrome OS May Soon Gain Remote Wipe and Lock

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Google released their Android Device Manager (ADM) in August 2013. Using the ADM android mobile phone and android tablet users can easily track down their gadget; the only condition is the gadget lost should be ‘on’ for ADM to track it. The ADM uses GPS and Wi-Fi.

The ADM can be used to lock the device or erase all stored personal data remotely. After releasing their ADM, Google also launched an android app supporting all the ADM services. The Chrome OS team has now come up with a similar service to protect the Chome OS laptop users. Chrome book owners can now remotely lock the device or just erase the device complete.

In December 2013 Google followed up with an Android app supporting the ADM service. With that out of the way,  now reveals on Google Plus that the Chromium OS team is considering adding a similar service to Google’s platform, calling it internally as “consumer management.” As with the Android version, this upcoming feature will allow Chromebook owners to remotely lock and erase the device.

Google’s François Beaufort in a Google plus post explained how this work “To see it, you’ll need to switch to Dev channel, turn on Dev mode, run chrome with the experimental command line switch –enable-consumer-management (not a flag there) and go to chrome://settings. Since this is still work in progress, clicking on the “Enroll” button won’t do anything yet though,” Beaufort writes.

Though the probability of losing a Chomebook is far less when compared to losing an Android phone, it is important to have this anti-theft feature as more and more users are worried about protecting their personal information which is for more evaluble than the cost of the Chromebook.

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