Create Animations for Instagram with SketchVid

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SketchVid is a recently launched iOS app that lets every to create awesome animations for Instagram. It is quite simple, all you need to do is trace or draw on a photo, or simple sketch an image. The app will record you strokes, it will then turn it in to a 15 second video.

Having a Jot stylus can help you a great deal in creating better quality animations if you ar enot good at writing/drawing in your iPhone touchscreen. This app is already having a wide appeal among artists and students.

The Toronto based developers Saeed Ghaferi and Arfan Chaudhry are the creators of this app.

“Arfan pretty much didn’t believe that Saeed made the sketch,” the two said in an email. “That’s where the idea sparked from. Why not create an app where strokes for sketches are recorded and turned into a video?”

However this is not great breakthrough, because there are several apps which are already available for install for both the android and iOS platforms; however the creators say that this is the first app which is built specifically for Instagram. No matter how complex your sketch is, the app will fit it within the 15 second time limit meant for Instagram.

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