Mistakes that Beginner Bloggers Must Avoid


Mistakes To Avoid While Blogging

You can always blog for a living. But if you think that it is easy, it is time to rethink. There are several embarrassing mistakes that a first time blogger commits. What one tends to miss out is that there is a learning curve with everything that’s new. In this regard, blogging is not different either. In fact the learning curve associated with blogging can be quite lengthy if you do not know what you are dealing with. It is not that simple to begin writing and find ground under your feet. However it is simple enough to avoid the mistakes a beginner commits if one knows about these beforehand.

Here’s a list of some of the most common mistakes that a new blogger commits:

Random ideas do not always work

It is true that ideas always appear in the vacuum. They would come to you when you are least expecting them. While it is okay if the ideas come randomly but the ideas should not be random ones. A good idea in general might not clearly work out for you. When an enterprise is involved it is necessary that your blog posts should be able to serve the purpose. The primary reason for blogging is to grow the business. Therefore, all the blog posts must reflect the purpose of your business goals. Hence before you write a blog these purposes should be clear for you. This is the only way how you would be able to convey the same to your target audience well.

Avoid stiff writing

You should know the tricks of the trade while working on a blog. Writing a blog post is quite different from writing for an exam paper. Your posts must be interactive, articulate. Write like you talk. Unless it is an interesting and interactive write-up people will be unable to relate. You need to loosen up your style of writing. Jargons are a big no-no.

Don’t take audience for granted

Honestly, when you first start out, people do not know you. You might be a good writer but you are yet to prove your worth to the target audience. How can complete strangers care about you as a writer? It might sound a little rude but that’s reality. There is one way to grab people’s attention and that is if you have something to teach them. There are several ways to win over the potential customers or the readers. Humor never falls short to impress. You can incorporate small doses of humor. However, it must be remembered that if you are writing about design reviews ensure that humor can be infused within your write-up.

Choosing umbrella topics

This is another mistake the new bloggers make. The new bloggers generally opt for big topics. But if you want to click with your audience it is important that you write on specific titles.

Copy paste is a blunder

If you resort to plagiarism you are digging you own grave. Not only will you lose audience, there are chances that you will be heavily penalized by Google as well.  If you are confident about your skill never resort to copy pasting. When you are reaching out to a target audience they have probably read many such articles related to your subject. If you are copy pasting you will be caught by the editors and readers. Instead you can cite other people’s work in your blog post. That would not be difficult at all.

Work does not end with writing

Your work does not end with writing; it requires editing as well. Once you have completed the writing part take out time to go through it and make the necessary changes. You will be surprised to note the silly errors present in a single page.

While it is important to avoid mistakes but it is equally difficult to deliver a perfect post. There will always be a post with better images and jokes. Of course you don’t want a post where there will be factual or grammatical errors but it is okay if it isn’t the best post. You will always have the privilege to make changes and update your post.

Author Bio: Kevin Smith is associated with web design reviews and has a penchant for writing as well. In this article he mentions certain common mistakes committed by the first time bloggers.

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