Incorporating Fun Within The Classroom – 4 Handy Tech Educational Tools For Teachers

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Classroom Fun

An inevitable part of the classroom is textbook education. But sadly, do they have enough power to motivate and boost the students sitting in the classroom? Being a teacher, it is your primary duty to make the class more and more interesting so that the students are engrossed in whatever you’re teaching. You can integrate technology and interesting projects to interest kids and adults as well. Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, it is easy to build up and stimulate kids to educate and learn through different games, tools and creative projects which make them interactive. Check out some tech educational tools that most teachers should know about.

  1. Edutopia: This is a website called that has been designed to transform the boring education system into high-tech. Won’t it be fun if your teachers could actively join you in your learning process, through reading or writing? If answered yes, you need not worry as such fun ideas and tips can be garnered through Edutopia. Teachers can help themselves spark off new ideas to bolster the relation between the students and the teachers. They can even probe into effective training schedules, successful strategies and video games for enhanced learning.
  2. TeacherVision: With almost 25,000 instances of effective teaching strategies, printable worksheets, lesson plans, boasts of being a one-stop destination for all teachers. There is a comprehensive guide for teachers which includes classroom management ideas, games to boost interest in learning and to shore up the relation between the teachers and the students. Just as students can get ready-written essays online from payforessayonline services, similarly, teachers are supplied with all kinds of interesting ideas to handle their students.
  3. Smart Teacher app: This is a mobile app which is compatible with Android smartphones and you can get it free from the Google PlayStore. As the name suggests, the SmartTeacher app smartens up education within the classroom. Through this Android app, you can set a planner to plan your classes, upload different educational files to allow the students to share vital learning materials from the main server. Teachers can even check quality of work and approve in accordance with that. This app also comes handy in supervising attendance, planning curriculum and managing reports for students.
  4. New Teacher GPS: This is yet another mobile phone app which is available in platforms like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 4.0 or later in order to operate. Although this is not free and comes at a price of $1.99, yet it is worth paying money. This New Teacher GPS app has been introduced by McGraw Hill Education. Through this app, teachers get acquainted with achieving templates and tips. So, if you’re someone who is looking forward for some tips on dealing with the first day of school, making kids abide by the rules of the classroom or making students do their homework, this can be the ultimate tool for you. Apart from these, you can also create classroom setup; manage small groups of students and workstations.

Hence, if you’re a teacher who wishes to engage his/her students into some creative presentations and turn the classroom into a highly interactive one, you can leverage the tech educational tools mentioned above. Such sites and apps offer galore ideas on engaging students into what’s going on in the classroom.


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