The Increasing Appearance of Gaming Technology in Restaurants

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Technology is changing the way things look in many areas of life. In most cases, these changes have been welcomed wholeheartedly. One good example of this is the inclusion of gaming devices and technology at restaurants. Although the combination of recreation and dining has been around for many years, today’s computer-driven environment has really changed the face of those games. If you walk into a restaurant today, you are likely to see many people, young and old alike, busy on smartphones even while visiting with the other people at their table.

You’ve Already Seen It Happening …

There are lots of examples that show the mix of technology and games in eating establishments. You’ve probably seen a few of these in your community:

  • Cyber cafes
  • Arcade games in pizza restaurants
  • Signs offering free wi-fi for diners
  • Large televisions for live sports
  • Trivia nights with clicker devices for patrons to play
  • Online menus, reservations, and billing
  • Smart devices used to alert you that your table is ready

A Shift Toward the Future

Today, however, some restaurants have focused more closely on tying gaming in with the dining experience. Maybe they have added gesture-controlled games to the children’s section of the dining room or they have incorporated predictive gaming into the overall theme of the restaurant. By bringing technology to the forefront of the experience, restaurant owners are tapping into a younger, more tech-savvy market.

Will gaming become a common ingredient on every restaurant menu? Only time will tell. For more information on the relationship between restaurants and gaming, take a look at the following infographic.


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