How To Add Music To Videos To Make It Attractive

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Add Audio to Any Video

Adding background music to your home videos is a fine way to make them more enchanting. It’s a must when you are making wedding videos to make them more touching and appealing. If you wondering how to add music to videos then Movavi photo editor provides you with option of adding music to your home movies with simple, user friendly tools. Movavi is known for making easily accessible, user-friendly software applications to help create and distribute videos in any format, on any device. You only need a basic computer skill to use their softwares to produce professional looking videos and impress people. Movavi has upgraded itself from a small start-up company to an international business having customers in 150 countries. The worldwide recognition of the brand proves the premium quality of their products.

To use the application, first you have to download the trial version of the software from the official website of Movavi. Run the downloaded file and install it in your system. You need Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 installed in your system and a minimum of 250 MB free hard disk space for installation.

Click the “add media files” option on the main panel to import the video you wish to use along with the audio files. There are two tracks available – one for the video file and the other for the audio. Drag the respective file there.

Now if you play the video, the size of the audio might not match to it. To solve this problem Movavi video editor allows you to cut the sound track if it is longer or duplicate it and place it side by side if its shorter that the video.

After adding the merging the desired audio track with your video you can click the “save movie” option and save the file in your system. You can save your videos to over 180 different media formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA, MP3, GIF and so on. You can also utilize their ready to use mobile presets so that you can save your precious recordings and play them back anytime you want on your iPhone, iPad or 200+ other mobile models. It enables you to upload your videos directly to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo so that you can share them with your family and friends or you can burn it into a DVD.

Movavi software is really easy to use and comes with plenty of features using which you can create different types of videos.

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