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Istanbul is the biggest city of the Turkey and one of the most visited tourism destinations both in the Europe and also in the World. According to the official figures, there are about 40 millions people visiting Istanbul every year and it makes Istanbul the 4th most popular tourism city in the whole world and the second in the Europe. Istanbul is also the only city in the whole world which is spread to the two continents as it has lands in both Europe and also in Asia. Altogether, these factors makes Istanbul one of the best cities in the world to study international hotel management program.

There are many institutions in Istanbul, Turkey which offer diplomas in hotel management department. One of them, regarded as the most popular international hotel management course offered in Turkey is USLA – AHA of Turkey; located in the downtown of Istanbul. USLA offers hotel management courses taught in English and students would have their chance to find a good paying jobs in anywhere of the world after they are graduated. The academic programs of the school takes about 1.5 years in Istanbul, Turkey. During the study students would have enough opportunity to master about all subjects of hotel management, from financial management, in company entrepreneurship, dealing with people and hard customers, dealing with staff, chains etc. This gives students a nice opportunity to start serving as hotel managers right after their graduation. After they are successfully graduated from the course, students would have enough knowledge to run a hotel business, or even start their own hotel business. After the hotel management study is completed, we offer a 6 month, guaranteed paid internship to all of our students; students have their chance to complete their paid internships either in Turkey; Istanbul, Antalya or any their tourism city, or even in United States of America, popular hotel chains in United States. During the process of their internship, students can earn about 1,750 USD per month and they will also have free accommodation and they will experience a great feeling of being in the United States, the third most popular tourism country in the world. The successful students can stay in the United States after their internship is completed and receive a job offer from the hotel. Even, some students with high level of success can receive a number of job offers after they complete their internship in the United States and they will have their privilege to choose the most suitable one for them. The successful students can start working in the United States hotels and can earn at least 5,000 USD in a month. Hotel management is a popular occupation and regarded as a nice, respectful job to have in United States, that is why many students, even American people or other people whose native language is English striving to have a job in hospitality sector, in hotel management sector; to be more precise. If you would like to study hotel management in Istanbul, Turkey, please reach us and send us a mail.

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