Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPhone

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Uses of iPhone

Having one of the best smart phones on the market has it’s fair share of advantages, with a great range of available apps, free iPhone to iPhone calls and the benefits of having access to Apples free cloud service.

They are great for the business savvy individual, with the ability to host multiple email accounts, a range of organisational tools and – of course – help you to keep in touch with LinkedIn, Skype and even access your Dropbox accounts.

They are also great for those “children of the social media generation” with the variety of social media apps made available, as well as front and back cameras for the best Instagram shots and Snapchat selfies.

Whatever reason behind your iPhone purchase, it is very common to only know how to use the apps and tools you have interest in – unless you stumble across something by accident – however the iPhone has a variety of hacks and hidden tricks that can help make your iPhone experience a better one.

Rapid Charging

All iPhone users understand the rush to get to a power outlet when their battery drops below 20%, and everyone knows the feeling of being in a rush to leave and praying that those 15 minutes on charge will make a difference to your extremely low battery – but what if you could charge it quicker?

Switching your phone to Airplane Mode whilst it charges will encourage your iPhone to charge much faster – meaning a 15 minute charge could actually make a significant difference to your battery level (perfect if you see a charging point on the train home!)

Shake to Delete

Most iPhone users are unaware that a quick shake side to side when you’re typing, will delete all the test in that box – shaking the phone for a second time will make the text reappear (which is great for if you do it by accident!).

Screen Shots

Screen shots are a great tool for capturing whatever is on your screen at any time. Whether you’re looking to share statistics with someone, send part of an email on to a colleague – or you simply see something funny that you want to share with a friend – a screen shot makes it possible.

Simply hold down on the lock/on/off button on the top right hand side of the phone and press and hold down the home button at the same time. You will see the screen flash white and will be able to find the screen shot in the “photos” section of the phone.

Create Text Short Cuts

It is all too easy, especially when typing a lot of text onto a smaller screen, to begin abbreviating words – however, when it comes to sending an important email or work related message, using BRB, OMG and FYI might not be so acceptable.

In the General Settings area of your phone, find the keyboard settings and set short cuts – set things like FYI to “for your information”, BC to “because” and IMO to “in my opinion” – then even if you do accidently use an abbreviation, the phone will autocorrect it.

Flash instead of Ringing

Ever lost your phone because it’s on silent? Setting your phone to flash when it rings will cause the camera flash to flash brightly whilst the call in coming in – great for if you’re waiting for an important call in the office and don’t want to disturb others around you, even better for those of you with young children and babies at home.

If you are thinking about going down the second hand route to get a new iPhone, remember to get your iPhone unlocked legally, so you use the phone on the network or carrier of your choice – and still be able to take advantage of all the perks of having an iPhone.

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