9 ways to Improve A Website’s Check Out Pages and Get More Sales

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Check Out Pages

While online stores have increased the convenience of shopping overall, there are still problems that people using an online store or auction site will experience.  One of the most frustrating difficulties website users have noted is the shopping cart abandonment and dropping conversion rates on the check out pages.

This can be deemed an inevitably part of e-commerce operations; however, it does not have to be this way.  In fact, website owners can increase conversion rates on check out pages by assisting the online shopper with different facilities contributing to an informed online purchase decision.  This article will provide a list of design and layout tips that can optimize one’s website and increase conversion rates.

Provide A Visual Check Out Process

While it is convenient to fit all information on one website page, research has shown that the ‘packed page’ has less conversion rates.  In fact, these studies showed that the less clicks linked to the check out page increase the conversion rate of the page.  In order to improve productivity, it is recommended that one spread out information across multiple pages.  This provides the shopper with a visual indicator of their progress from purchase to payment.

Adding Check Out Buttons

All individuals find it frustrating when they cannot locate the contact or check out buttons.  By placing a check out link at the top and bottom of the page, the consumer is more likely to take action and make a purchase.

Including Credit Card Logos And Security Seals

Displaying credit card logos and verified security seals on the website provides a consumer with a sense of safety regarding purchases.  It is important to show potential customers that their payment information is completely secure and confidential.  The most popular security seals include VeriSign and BizRate.

The Option To Continue Shopping

It is a common occurrence that customers will want to continue shopping after placing items into their hosted shopping basket.  This can happen because one forgets an item or wishes to continue perusing the website.  By offering consumers the option to continue shopping without the basket being affected, one is boosting sales and generating more income.

Differentiate The Check Out And Continue Shopping Buttons

It is recommended that one place the check out and continue shopping buttons at the top and bottom of the website; however, it is important to differentiate between these options to ensure the consumer picks the correct button.  If the buttons are placed next to one another, it is advised that they are presented with different colors.  It is also important that there is a large amount of space between these two links to ensure no erroneous clicking occurs.

The Timing Of Account Creation Requests

There is nothing more frustrating than perusing an online store and then being presented with an account creation request in order to make purchases.  Research has shown that the removal of this requirement has increased retailer sales figures by a minimum of 50%.  People are more likely to provide information after a purchase has been made in order to track this purchase as compared to registering before checking out.

Printing And Emailing Basket Items

In some instances, the consumer may be purchasing an item on behalf of another individual and will require evidence of the purchase for administrative purposes.  To ensure the consumer does not experience any frustrating interruptions, it is advised one provide them with the print order and email order options.  This makes sales much simpler and increases the chance of a returning customer.

Saving The Cart Or Adding To Wishlist

Many online savvy individuals will utilize the online basket as a form of wishlist to peruse and save potential future purchases.  Research has shown that the websites with a wishlist feature have a greater amount of future purchases from registered clients.

Stop The Popups

It is often the case that an antivirus or browser protection software will remove popups from a website.  This is done to prevent the website from surveying the consumer about their experience and their behavior on the site.  Instead of using this popup method, it is recommended that one send an email to follow up purchases made.

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