How to Become a Freelance Web Developer

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Freelance Web Development

It seems that the word of the Freelance Web Developer has never seemed brighter. After all, working within a realm that provides for the flexibility of home working and the freedom of self-employment contrasts starkly to workforces throughout the UK industry that are being subjected to longer and longer working weeks and pay that is increasingly stagnating.

What’s more with the realm of IT looking set to become one of the most understaffed in the years to come the earning potential of a Freelance Web Developer (which already begins at £24,768 [PayScale 2015]) is looking set only to become more inflated with each month that goes by.

So here we explain just what it takes to join this exciting world and secure a promising future as a Freelance Web Developer.

The big question: Do you need a degree to become a Freelance Web Developer

As a short and swift answer to this question we can say definitively: no. You do however need to undertake plenty of training, which is available from many places that range from self-teaching right through to courses that are delivered either in person or more commonly, online.

If you do opt to purchase a course then you must bear in mind that courses that comprehensively cover all that needs to be learnt will likely be of considerable cost and length. Such a cost may likely reach into the thousands and extend over at least 6 months, which is worth bearing in mind if you’re presented with miracle working courses that claim to teach web development for a few hundred pounds over the course of a single month.

Transitioning into the world of the Freelance Web Developer in Three Simple Steps

Whether you’re moving from being an employed web developer, have freshly graduated from university or have just completed your extensive web developer course, making the transition to a Freelance Web Developer needn’t be difficult or daunting. Here are some top tips from the experts for taking to the realm of freelancing like a duck to water and here’s an interview that showcases it nicely.

  1. Register and utilise freelancing websites

Freelance websites will help you enter the freelance market immediately without having to undertake any marketing whatsoever. When starting out on these crowded platforms however you may well need to sell your services at particularly low price points in order to build your reputation.

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of branding and marketing yourself

Whilst freelancing websites can serve as all that you need to build up a full time Freelance Web Developer you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of self-branding and marketing. It is this, and the building of followers, that will help you in upping your pricing levels and establishing work outside of freelancing websites that take their cut of your earnings.

So set up a blog, establish yourself upon social media platforms and couple up with freelancers from other realms who you can both mutually benefit from.

  1. Consider carving out a career within a niche market

Many Freelance Web Developers fail to hone in on a niche market, instead presuming that their services are best marketed to all. However for those who do focus upon a niche market the benefits can be numerous. To begin with you could craft your services to truly benefit particular clients, such as the market of Veterinary centres, where you may provide a package that includes certain website features of a client login area to see account history, emergency live chat online and online pet registration.

Beyond this however it also allows you to market your blog with advice that is specifically catered toward your audience, providing essential guides and tips.

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