9 of the Best Apps for Tutors

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Apps For Tutors

Tutors need apps too and fortunately there are plenty of great ones out there. We have compiled a list of some of the very best we’ve come across.


It is true that Skype is a great way a tutor can meet and talk to students. However some subjects require more instructions and interactions.  This is where IDrop comes in.  Idrop has partnered with Skype and has included whiteboard features that make it easier for tutors to show students how they can solve problems build circuits and how they can easily construct sentences. The app is flexible and gives the tutors and the students an opportunity to work and learn irrespective of their geographical location.


Currently, there are more than 150,000 teachers and tutors teaching over 2 million students using WiziQ. This is an online learning program that allows users to set up classes and deliver both live and recorded lectures to the students. It also allows for distribution of learning materials and monitors their usage. In addition, WizIQ gives tests to students.


The app offers arrange of online services including tutoring and homework help.  Tutors use the site to build and personalize the learning environment for the benefit of the students.  This makes teaching and sharing of information simple and at the same time allows for the tracking of progress and time. Already a large number of school districts are using this program and many students know how they can use it to enhance learning.


Ziizoo is one of the few online tutoring programs out there that is integrated with facebook. The students only need to sign up, pay as they go and get help from the tutors on a wide range of subjects. The fact that it is integrated with facebook makes it easier for the students to check back and keep up with the rest. According to 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk it’s one of the most commonly used among tutors.


This is a course management system that is free for educators. It offers resources that can be used to create learning sites to be used by students.  It avails integrates blogs, calendars and other useful tools.  It is a great way tutors can use to share information especially if they are working with many students in the same grade.


TutorVisita is one of the sites that make it easier for learners and tutors to connect online. This site offers 24/7 services on testing homework help and tracking. This makes it easier for one to monitor the help the students get from their tutors.


This is a site that allows one to share their expertise. The site offers classes and tutoring to learners of different abilities and of all ages.  It utilizes live charts, pre-recorded content, and one- on- one session. It allows one to get help in a topic of his choice including math and languages.


It is a great tool for tutoring.  Here, tutors can make and share videos with learners and direct the students to share some of the amazing content that exists on different sites. It also helps them understand complex topics and make learning interesting.

24 Hour Answers

This site offer online tutoring and homework help in all subjects. It is one of the sites that tutors and which learners will find very helpful. The site specializes in helping students at a college or university level.

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