Underpaid & Unsatisfied With Your Job? WageSpot App Can Help

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Got a new job? Then chances are you might have come across the following terms in your appointment order.

“Employees are prohibited from discussing their salary or wage levels and company benefits with other employees. Disclosing such information might result in disciplinary action.”

Though this is widely practiced, this is not entirely legal as the National Labor Relations Act clearly says that employers cannot prevent employees from discussing wages and working conditions among themselves. 

Now, what is the point in knowing about others’ wages? It is not just about comparing, it is about negating the inherent advantage that employers are entitled to. According to WageSpot, the world’s first user-driven and location-based salary app, salary and earnings resources are all built to favor the employer. Most of the big names in every industry provide only estimates of earnings but not the real unfiltered data.

WageSpot App Review

This revolutionary mobile app – WageSpot was built to challenge these norms. With this app every employee can share their salary information directly to others anonymously. You can arm yourself with very critical information and thereby make informed decisions about your career, as this app provides a platform for its users to share and compare salaries of real people in real locations, industries and companies. With these information you can even estimate intangible factors like actual job satisfaction and value addition. You need not under sell yourself anymore, with these data, you can decide about asking for a pay raise or negotiating for a higher salary at a new job. It will also help you to evaluate yourself and know your true worth in the job marketplace.

When inquired about the app WageSpot founder said, “Salary is the most important aspect of people’s financial lives.  At WageSpot we believe salary should be based on your skills, talent and experience – your true worth, not on your past salary history or a title. WageSpot gives an opportunity to every individual user to share their salary information and thus help bring transparency to the topic of compensation. In doing so, we hope to force the employers to focus on fairness that is sorely lacking in the workplace today.”

You can be a part of the WageSpot movement by financially contributing to this app. Los Angeles-based WageSpot on Tuesday also launched a Kickstarter campaign, to raise $10,000 to cover the Google licensing fees for the Mapping API. Be a part of this game changing app, and truly touch the lives of people across the country.

WageSpot is available for both iOS and Android devices. Go find out your true worth in the job market.

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