The Benefits Of Utilising the Virtual Office Model

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Here are five ways that your company and its employees can benefit from having a virtual office.

  1. No Commuting

Instead of spending two to three hours a day preparing for work and commuting, you can invest that time in working for additional hours. This means that employees are more focused and their productivity is higher than ever. If you want to impress with a central office position you can just use a virtual office.

  1. Employees Are More Active

Several years ago, scientists in Australia conducted a study that concluded that sitting at your desk for over 11 hours per day will increase your death risk more than 40 percent. This is true regardless of what your other activities are. As a result, we have started a competition that allows people to increase their activity. Every member of our team is given a Jawbone UP band, and we run a contest that tracks their movement. You do not have to run a contest in order to increase activity. People tend to move around more freely if they are not bound to a desk day in and day out.

  1. Vacation Days

Are you interested in going to your child’s school for Family Day? This is possible since you can make up the hours later in the week. Do you want to exercise during lunch? Not a problem. Your “office” is equipped with a shower.

  1. Access To Global Talent

Do you have a customer in China and you need someone to meet with them weekly? That is no issue if you work in a virtual office. A Chicago-based company, Storymix Media, who created the technology needed to automate video creation, has an office in France since they have clients there. They hired two people to work from home, except when there is a meeting at the client’s office.

  1. Fewer Overheads

You are not responsible for leasing office space, buying hardware, paying for utilities and any other expenses related to running a physical office. The savings can be a benefit to the clients and it can have a positive impact on your profit margin, which means you can afford to hire more people.

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