What is Local Server Load Balancing and How can it Benefit your Business?

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We’re aware of just how jargon filled our industry can be. So here, in this guide to local server load balancing, we take the bumf out of our explanations to provide a down-to-earth overview of just how much server balancing has to offer the modern business and its essential IT systems.

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Just what is Local Server Load Balancing?

For any business, of any size, the need for IT systems that are efficient and secure is essential. As a commonly employed tactic to achieving both of these there is load balancing which, in the most basic sense, is a way of distributing the incoming traffic to an IT system more efficiently. This is becoming ever more essential for the business that has a high-traffic website which may be serving hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions, of requests. And this applies equally to the business using an enterprise level application, where their staff may otherwise be held back by a lacklustre server performance which results in seriously slow app performance. Here is more information.

A load balancer can then be thought of as the director of all such traffic. It effectively routes all of the requests that the servers receive in as balanced a way as possible, ensuring that traffic is only given the green light to continue onto servers that are capable and available at any given time. Its function then ensures that an IT system is working at both maximum speed, as well as maximum capacity.

So, what can local server load balancing do for your business?

Local server load balancing provides a wide variety of benefits for the average business, including:

  1. Improved server reliability

Potentially the most important of all the benefits that local server load balancing can deliver is server reliability. It can transform what was a previously struggling server setup to a system that copes well with nodes that may go down, traffic spikes and other unforeseen issues, ensuring that in each case the traffic is directed onto available server resources.

Ultimately this then ensures an uninterrupted service for those who are using the system, be it your employees using a back office app, or your customers in their surfing of your ecommerce store.

  1. An improved customer experience

Beyond an uninterrupted service customers equally expect a relatively speedy experience and, in a world where website load times directly relate to visitor abandonment rates, speed can have a real impact upon a business’s bottom lines.

Local Server Load Balancing can ensure that your customers are presented with a seamless surfing experience, even where the system may be seeing an unexpected spike in traffic (or an otherwise expected spike as a result of a marketing campaign or promotion, for example). What’s more it can also ensure that your system doesn’t suffer a complete crash, which is notorious for eroding customer trust within a business’s brand.

  1. Bolstered security

Local Server Load Balancing bolsters security by efficiently distributing traffic loads onto other nodes, without revealing their corresponding addresses within the system. In layman’s terms this then means that potential cyber criminals that may attempt to gain access do not have the information that they need to tap into a system’s weak links. What’s more it also provides for a point within the system where attacks may be identified and isolated before the hacker reaches further nodes.

  1. Comprehensive scalability

Load balancing delivers much needed scalability for the business that may grow over time. It completely negates the need for expensive and time-consuming system reconfigurations, providing for a solid system that will scale up with your business as and when you need it.

Load balancing provides comprehensive website security and unparalleled performance: free from added hardware and without the need for software. Just boosted security and website speed – Simple.

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