6 Tips to Enhance your Influencer Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Google understands the massive audiences on Facebook and Twitter, and now it takes these social networks into consideration when ranking a website. To impact your SEO, it is not as simple as setting up a Facebook and Twitter account and plugging away an abundance of content with the hope your clients will be interested, and your business will be discovered.

Google confirmed that when ranking a website they take the authority of the profile into consideration. Therefore a business that has spent time in developing their profiles will position themselves in stronger spot on search engine rankings. Google refers to this as “author authority” and Bing, which is another search engine, classifies this as “social authority”.

So, what will improve your SEO, and how will you get there?

Be confident with your social media strategy

Running a successful business can be difficult without considering your marketing strategy, and which marketing methods work best in attracting new business. There are many social networks that you can invest in, and it can sometimes be very difficult to pick which one is going to be best for you and your business. The key is to be able to generate more client conversations is to only use social networking sites that your feel most comfortable with and secondly go where the people are and the answer is Twitter.

Engage with your audience

If however you think that once you have an active account you will quickly fire up the top of Google rankings, then think again.  Although there is social media success for professionals to be made, businesses can be very successful with Twitter by entering into conversations, making useful comments and providing valuable advice and soon you will start to increase credibility and organic traffic to your website.

Build trust with your audience

Although posting links to your own website will increase rankings and search engine optimization, there needs to be a mix social media content from your own websites and reputable websites such as news articles and information relevant to your followers.  “The aim is to build trust with your followers and hopefully they will retweet your links to their followers and so forth,” suggests Tommy McDonald of content marketing firm Serplogic.

Twitter is a social platform and to gain the most out of it you need to use it in a sociable manner.  Plus if you would like people to retweet your content more success will be gained by following the relevant people in your field and building trusting relationships with those individuals and businesses.

Use Social Media Management Tools

There are a number of tools available to you to help manage your social media accounts.  The most used is HootSuite.  It is a platform that will show you all your social media accounts in one place with one log in, so there is no need to have different websites open with different passwords.  The layout of the page can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Alternatively, you could consider a social media influencer tool that aligns influencers and brands in one place.

Measure Social Media Results

To give you an indication of the weight of your social networking profile against search engine optimization you can measure the number of retweets, links, new followers, new fans and click through rates.  It is these measures that will give you a clear indication of the power of your site and the links you provide within it and most importantly generate more client conversions.

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