Avoiding Common PR Problems on Social Media

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Social media can be a great way to connect with customers. However, whether you post to your accounts yourself or outsource the task to someone else, it is important to make sure that all of the content you share accurately reflects your company’s ideals.

If you hire someone to handle your social media accounts for you, it is important to sit down with them to talk about the type of image that you want your company to portray. Additionally, you also need to discuss how to handle any PR problems that may arise. In many cases, the best plan may be to have you take over posting on social media until the crisis is over rather than trusting someone else to do it on your behalf.

The following tips will help you avoid social media disasters:

Only Allow People You Trust To Post To Your Social Media Profiles

You need to put careful thought and consideration into hiring the right person to handle your social media accounts. Additionally, you need to sit down with them right away after you hire them to discuss your brand and to give them a better idea of what you stand for. Set up a probationary period where you track and monitor the type of content they are posting to make sure it is a good fit for your company.

Create A Social Media Policy For Your Business

Before you start posting on any of the major social networks, you should sit down and come up with a plan for how your business will handle social media. Having a policy in place helps ensure that all of your employees understand what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of social media.

Stick With What You Are Good At

Always stay true to yourself with your posts. If comedy isn’t your strong suit, you should skip it. Instead, focus on what your strengths are and provide content that plays to those strengths. Regardless of whether you are posting yourself or someone else is posting for you, always make your posts as natural as possible. If you try to force them to be funny, customers will see right through you.

Avoid Touchy Subjects

Some topics are too controversial to talk about on social media. Avoid these subjects as much as possible since they can alienate customers and can quickly get you into hot water.

Don’t Let Your Feelings Get In the Way

When someone says something negative about your business on social media, it is only natural to want to reply. Before you do, however, take some time to cool down and collect your thoughts. You may find that it is better to say nothing at all.

If the worst comes to the worst, having a crisis PR social media and marketing agency come to the fore can help immensely and fix up any mishap.

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