Building And Managing A Website In 2016

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Web Development In 2016

Today technology is evolving at a rapid pace, over the last few years mCommerce and local e-retailing are growing at such a rapid pace that more commodities are bought and sold through mobile phones than through regular computers via internet. A recent study in North African countries highlights that a significant proportion of people even from villages are adept at using their mobile internet to buy things.  Today right from banking, to paying utility bills, to online shopping, people simply love doing those things using their Smartphones or Tablets.

This has changed the way websites are built, therefore optimizing for PCs and laptops alone is not sufficient anymore. As people are rapidly moving away from eCommerce towards mCommerce, it is imperative that the business owners also stay abreast with the changing technology. What this essentially means is, even if a business owner has a good website, he should ensure that the website is mobile friendly and is optimized for devices of different sizes and resolution. Google now considers factors like, mobile optimization, loading time, time spent in a website, website structure, interlinking and bounce rate as key parameters for ranking. Since April 2015, Google officially made it mandatory for the websites to be mobile friendly.

Another recent study on user behavior, highlights that the average time spent by a mobile user on a website is 57% greater than the time spent when a user accesses the same website through regular personal computers or laptops. So, even if you have a website for your business, it is time to think about a redo.

Focusing on Local SEO:

Another key area in web development is focusing on Local SEO. Gone are those days, when a simple local directory submission helped websites to achieve good local search ranking. Local SEO starts right from web design and content creation. Integrating maps, giving the address at specific website locations, and tweaking the content go a long way in achieving the desired local SEO results.

So when you are looking to build a new website or redo your existing website, it is important to choose a reputed local web development company. Do your due diligence and choose a reputed web developer from preferably your country. Choosing a mid-sized web development company is highly advisable, because with a mid-sized company you can interact with the CEO of the company as well as the web design manager. Another advantage of choosing a mid-sized web development company from you country is the flexibility that you will get; you can build the website in your local language as well, and achieve good local SEO results. For instance, if you are from Egypt then you can choose a good Egyptian web design and development agency; by doing so you can also build a website with both English and Egyptian Arabic content, and also achieve better local search engine rankings.

Good Luck.

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