How To Make Blogger Outreach Work For You

  • February 17, 2016
  • SEO
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How To Make Blogger Outreach Work For You

How To Make Blogger Outreach Work For You

Blogger outreach is important for growing your network, gaining valuable backlinks, and driving traffic. It is also a key element of SEO, with your backlink profile being an important factor in SERP rankings. With Google placing more impetus on content and looking less favourably upon non-natural links, blogger outreach has become a valuable way to build the legitimacy of your site.

Guest posts

More than simply making friends, guest blogging provides a mutually beneficial way of growing audiences and gaining high-quality content. Having your blogging skills displayed on another site will open your brand up to a new set of eyes. It enables you to drive traffic back to your site, while increasing your backlink profile. Additionally, soliciting guest posts from people to post on your site will increase the amount and quality of content on your site, adding to your “content score” and building your site’s authority.

Mini interviews

This is ideal for creating a high-quality blog with very little effort. Simply create a question around a topic, then send it to experts in the field. For example, your question could be “What factors are important to consider when choosing the best online shopping cart software?” This is then sent to leaders in the field such as successful business owners, software developers, and people with industry experience. Then, simply collate the responses into an ‘expert roundup’.

This type of content is valuable as it is original and informative, two factors potential linkers will look for when deciding to use your content and link to your site.

Product reviews

Having bloggers review your product is a great way to spread awareness and engage with writers. Provide them with your product for free in exchange for a genuine review. If your product is strong, it will gain a positive review, which will be shared among the writer’s network. Choose bloggers with audiences relevant to your industry and one who is actively engaged with readers.

Go out and grab yourself an audience

The internet is awash with content, which makes it a tough job to get noticed. Being proactive with a comprehensive and consistent outreach strategy is a great way to build brand recognition, authority, and a solid backlinks profile.

With any strategy, blogger outreach requires you to be persistent. You will not receive the desired outcome the first time, or perhaps even the second time. By persevering and refining your strategy, you will eventually build a network of bloggers and writers, all linking to your site and exposing your brand to engaged audiences.

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