Business Marketing: Traditional Vs. Online

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Marketing Strategy

For years, advertising is the method that businesses have used to increase brand recognition. They have used this form of publicity to increase awareness of the brand as well as get their message out. In short, this method of communication was to make people more conscious of the existence of the company or business. The traditional form of marketing involves newspapers, radio, television, telemarketing, and snail mail.

In the last few years, however, this trend has been changing. More and more businesses have switched to internet marketing Thailand, specifically. Here, social media sites, website, videos, banner ads, and Google ads are the means through which audiences are reached. The question is then raised, is traditional marketing more effective for your business? Or is online marketing? Let us examine the processes of the two forms of advertising:


Traditional media is forced to be passive when it comes to whom they reach. Someone must pick up a newspaper or turn on their television to be able to absorb the message that businesses are attempting to send. This may result in not many people being reached at all.

Smart phones have revolutionized how much access that digital marketers have to their audience. A staggering amount of people have smart phones. Many of these people use these mobile devices to shop online, connect with social media, and gather information from websites. This is a significant amount of people that online marketing has access to.

In this particular instance, it is clear that digital marketing has a lot more reach than traditional advertising. As people depend more and more on the mobile devices, this target audience will get even larger. People are much more likely to see your ads if they are on a digital platform.

Measure of Success

With conventional forms of advertising, it is difficult to rate the success of an ad campaign. The increase in sales might be a good indicator, but it certainly is not definitive. This makes it uncertain how to determine whether or not a campaign has failed. This lack of information makes it problematic to know how to alter your next campaign.

Online advertising is allowed a lot more opportunities in this department. When you utilize digital marketing methods, you are able to keep track of how your ads are being received. You can see who is being receptive to your ads as well as demographic details about them. This, in turn, allows you to modify your ads to be more acceptable to your key audience.

Digital marketing appears to have more of an advantage in being able to track its success rate. This means that you are more likely to be able to see the results for what you are spending money on.


Traditional marketing compels you to pay a lump sum for your advertising needs. You will have to spend a specific amount of money putting an ad in the paper, creating a commercial, or having a billboard. This will all end up with you spending a significant amount of money. The passive nature of such advertising also means that you will be unable to see how effective the campaign is.

Digital marketing allows you to control how much you spend, depending on how many people you want to reach. If you have a specific number of people you wish to have access to, you can simply pay only for that privilege. Should you decide to spend a considerable amount of money, you will still be able to witness the fruits of that labor. It will result in more leads and conversions among your target demographic.

Once more, online marketing has the advantage over a more traditional form of advertising. Digital advertising will ensure that you get more bang for your buck.

Digital marketing seems to be the clear winner in this debate. It is cheaper, more effective, and is able to reach more people. As technology progresses and people engage with their mobile devices more, online marketing will only become more popular.

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