Don’t Believe These Employee Training Myths!

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Employee Training

Employee training, if you’ve never had any experience of it, can be tough. I’m sure you remember when your business was little more than an idea. Now, all of a sudden you have to teach other adults how to do their jobs. I know it’s a daunting prospect. However, if you approach it in the right way, you’ll end up with a brilliant workforce. To begin, here are a few common myths about employee training you need to forget.

First of all, if you train your best employees too much, they’ll take that knowledge and disappear. Of course, you’d be afraid of wasting precious resources. However, in a lot of cases, this fear is completely groundless. Most professionals leave their jobs because they feel like they’ve taken all the workplace can give. Because of this, you’d be more likely to lose employees if you don’t offer any training opportunities. In a company where your employees have no opportunities to experiment and self-improve, you’ll be losing personnel rapidly. Sure, if you spend a lot on an LMS training program, and employees quit right afterwards, it will hurt the company. Unfortunately though, you can’t chain people to their desks!

Another common myth is that learning needs to be experimental, not theoretical, to be effective. While experimentation is important in a learning environment, it’s only half of the story. Theoretical learning, if it’s too simple, too complex, or just dry, won’t sink in with your employees. However, if it’s broken up by periods of experimentation, the benefits will be much more visible.

Employees are most receptive to knowledge which will help them in their day-to-day work. If you had to listen to an hour-and-a-half seminar on one subject, would you take it all in? I thought not! However, if lectures are broken up by the application of what your employees have just been learning, it will help the information sink in.

The final, though not so common myth, is that training is more or less futile. That is, that it can’t be linked in any way to solid business results. A lot of business owners these days seem to consider training as a supporting function, and sometimes an unnecessary drain on funds. Sure, soft skills like customer service and decision making are hard to quantify. However, if you carry an attitude that they’re completely worthless, you’ll only be hurting your business. There are some people who are great with making decisions, but have little to no people skills. Or, you might have hired a fresh-faced graduate, who has never worked in an office environment before. People talk, but staff training does have measurable results. Resources may be stretched, I know. However, if you don’t invest a penny in training, you’ll really be limiting the potential of your business.

Once you debunk any myths you might have believed, the real work can start! In know that employee training can be a long, stressful process. However, it will have immediate benefits for every last aspect of your business.

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