Growing Followers And Fostering Engagement On Instagram: 7 Strategies

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Instagram Followers

Reaching out to consumers in the 18-34 age bracket has always been a challenge. Modern marketers know that social media makes the ideal platform for engaging with this valuable demographic. Among the different sites and services that make up the social media world, Instagram is particularly important. Helping a vast user base of more than 300 million people share millions of photos on a daily basis, this app is a particularly potent marketing venue.

Statistical analysis has revealed that Instagram may well be the perfect social media platform for commercial engagement with consumers. Its brand engagement rate is over four percent. This figure becomes dramatically impressive when compared to the rates of other leading social media networks. Neither Twitter nor Facebook can boast of even breaking the half-a-percent engagement mark.

Now is the time to integrate Instagram into your marketing efforts. If you’ve already taken your first steps into this world, it might be a good idea to soak up a little insight on ways to get more followers and encourage more engagement. These 7 principles should help.

Move Quickly And Often

The brands that cultivate strong engagement on Instagram are the ones that stay constantly active. Daily posts are considered the minimum threshold for serious engagement, and many brands post more often. Bear in mind that most Instagram commenting occurs within six hours of a post — it’s important to maintain a constant presence to stay in the conversation.

The Numbers Favor Simplicity

You might think that a photo’s odds of receiving likes is largely subjective, but this isn’t the case. Extensive statistical analysis has revealed a lot of common threads that run through popular images. Keep these points in mind:

* Light photos perform better (to the tune of 24 percent more Likes) than dark ones.

* Clear photos (i.e. those with ample background space) are about a third more popular than pictures with lots of clutter and little background.

* Photos that feature one primary color get 17 percent more Likes than those with a broad spectrum.

* Texture is the only case where complexity is a good thing. Highly-textured photos (e.g. closeups) perform far better than texture-free pictures.

Here are some other great tips for photos.

Build A Theme

The point of Instagram is to construct a narrative through photos. Your campaign needs to abide by this principle. Maintain a steady focus on your subject matter and use the same stylistic choices throughout your campaign.

Don’t Worry About Your Words

As a visual-focused app, Instagram has a lot of users who think that captions need to be kept as short as possible. Studies show this isn’t the case, though. The length of a photo caption has no impact on its usefulness as an engagement tool. Feel free to post extended captions with your photos — this is a great place to deploy important keywords.

Hashtags Are Important

As noted above, the sheer volume of photos posted to Instagram every day is immense. Hashtags help users sift through the flood of images to find what interests them. You can put up to 30 hashtags on an image, although most marketers use a half a dozen at most.

Engagement Builds Engagement

Remember that Instagram is a two-way street. Your Instagram account should be more than just a tool for distributing images. Make sure you’re following influencers, making comments, and tying yourself into the larger community. Strategic mentions of relevant accounts can boost engagement by more than 50 percent.

If you buy Instagram likes it can be a good way to improve your followers. Likes start coming within 10 minutes and it can be a great way to make a site look more popular.

Location Tagging Is Huge

Few factors can boost a post’s engagement more than location tagging. A great number of users filter Instagram geographically, especially when they’re making consumer decisions. Make sure all of your posts have a location tag.

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