How To Increase Your Number Of Followers On Pinterest

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No matter if you are just someone who loves to share information, a consultant, small business owner, or a blogger, one of the most influential and outstanding tools to promote your business, your brand, or just you is Pinterest. Of course, if you don’t have many followers, then this fact doesn’t really matter.

To boost the number of people who follow you on Pinterest, posting interesting images is a good start. After all, visual content is what Pinterest is all about. Of course, you are probably well aware of this fact. In order to gain more followers on Pinterest, here are ten tips that will boost your numbers.

Become A Pinterest Follower

When you want to attract followers, consider following other people on Pinterest. For example, if every week you follow five or ten new people, some of them will become your followers. This rate of growth is nice and steady.

However, you want to look for people to follow who are within your niche since they can only help you if they decide to re-pin some of your interesting content. So, choose them carefully.

Click on the “### Followers” on My Pinterest Boards in order to find out how many followers you have. Click on Follow if you see it to begin following them.

Use Special Occasions And Holidays

Take advantage of special occasions and any upcoming holidays to gain quick exposure. Think DIY decorations for the 4th of July, Christmas, or Halloween. Or, push candy or jewelry on Valentine’s Day. No matter what type of event is coming up, when you create a board with a special occasion or holiday in mind, interest in your account can be generated, which may result in more followers.

Include The Pinterest Follow Button

The Pinterest follow button is another surprisingly easy technique to use. Website visitors are diverted to your Pinterest page and may turn them into followers. If your website is high traffic, this can be particularly effective.

The button can be located on your website or blog’s sidebar, footer, header, or other prominent places. Doing so makes it simpler for people to become your followers once they find your brand page. You can create a custom button that has your unique brand or use Pinterest’s widget builder page to create a standard button.

Include Links To All Of Your Social Media Accounts

You can bring in followers and gain traffic by making sure that all of your social media accounts such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook are linked to your Pinterest account. In addition, you can promote your Pinterest boards on your other social media accounts.

Collaborative Board Use

When you make contributions to popular group boards, you can quickly attract followers. There is the potential that many of the group board followers will become your followers as well, if they enjoy the quality pins that you contribute.

To do so, look for group boards in your niche that are popular and get to know the contributors and the board owner. Once you get to know them, ask them to invite you to join.

Use Fytesocial

Using a tool like Fytesocial allows you make the most of your social media and increase the number of Pinterest followers you have. It uses software to allow you to find people with similar interests through the intelligent examination of other’s interaction. The tool can manage multiple accounts at the same time. Furthermore, it offers extensive abilities for website testing automation of web pages. All of this makes it easy to get followers.

Be A Curator In Addition To Posting Original Images

Only 20% of all content on Pinterest is original content. That means that repins constitute the remaining 80%. A great way to spread your board is to post picture quotes, infographics, and other original content. However, you must still balance the remainder of your content.

In addition to creating content, you must also be a good curator in order to post the content that reflects your business, your brand, and you in a favorable light. You will be better able to make connections with other members of Pinterest by becoming part of your niche’s trends.

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