Easy Tips to Create a Consistent Blogging Schedule

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Mistakes To Avoid While Blogging

You have the concept and the design for your new blog, so what else should you keep in mind? One of the most important elements of a successful blog, whether you plan to try to monetize it or not, is to have a regular flow of fresh, new content. Unfortunately, this is also one of the biggest challenges bloggers, old and new, face. It can be tough to remain motivated and inspired to keep the blog posts coming, but this is required if you want to rank well on search engines and also build an engaged, loyal following.

One of the best ways to avoid blogger burnout is to have a predetermined, consistent blogging schedule that you follow.

A blog schedule is one aspect of what many bloggers use to stay organized and on-track, which is an editorial calendar.

Whether you’re just starting to build a blog, or you want to improve it and grow your following, below are some simple tips to create a consistent schedule you can stick to.

Define Your Goals

Something a lot of new bloggers forget about is establishing metrics, and then setting ways to measure those parameters. Before you start your blogging schedule, define what you will see as success. Maybe it’s social media shares, unique visitors, or perhaps its conversions if you’re selling a product or service. Whatever your goals are, define them in a way that’s measurable, and this will help guide your scheduling strategy and show you where you’re doing things right, and where you might need to make changes.

Gain an Understanding of The Time Commitment

Before you can really know how to create an actionable, and realistic blogging schedule, you’re going to need to know how much time you will need. Give yourself a few weeks where you write, schedule and share your blog posts. Time yourself so you can see how long the research takes, the writing, the addition of graphics, and the publishing and sharing. It’s good to do this for a few weeks so that you’re not basing your schedule on a one-off writing experience. You’ll then have a good idea of how much time to dedicate to blogging each week, and the workload you can expect yourself to produce.

Determine the Right Times to Post

Bloggers are pretty lucky regarding available tools and resources that are inexpensive and can be incredibly useful. One set of tools that’s valuable for modern bloggers are scheduling platforms like Hootsuite. With these platforms, you can set your posts up to go live automatically, and you can also control your social media sharing from one streamlined location. Use these tools to experiment and research when the best times to post might be, and then once you find good timing you can set all of your publishing tasks on autopilot, saving you a lot of time.  Research from Hubspot shows morning publishing is often the best, but you may find for your particular readers there’s another time of day that’s optimal.

The above are some of the primary things to keep in mind as you venture into the creation of your first blogging schedule. Once you can get the routine down to a science, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to post consistently, which is the central foundation of an excellent blog.

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