How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exhibition Stand

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Exhibitions are a great way to get out there and really interact with your customers on a face to face basis, as well as introduce yourself to potential new clients. The contact, leads, experience and feedback that you could gain from your exhibition stand is invaluable, but if you don’t get what you need from it, your presence at an exhibition or event can be a costly exercise. Spend a bit of time on the preparation beforehand to make sure you get the most you can from this opportunity.

Forethought is Everything

You can’t predict everything that will happen during an exhibition or event, but with some prior planning, you can maximise the results from your exhibition stand. The first thing to do is work out what your objectives are (such as: to meet existing customers, generate leads or obtain product feedback) and establish how you will measure them. Once you have this is mind, it’s time to work out how your exhibition stand will work and flow to get you your results. There are some good tips here.

Exhibition Stand Design

Look at a floor plan, and see where your stand is. How do you want it to work? Do you want people to come into your exhibition stand and walk around, or is it a front facing affair where you will hand out information? You need to make sure people can get to you but before that, you need to ensure they can find you! Roller banners are a brilliantly flexible way of promoting your company; they have the advantage over a banner that they are self-supporting and can be put up anywhere, so whether you have a coveted corner position or you are in the throng, you will be able to convey your presence clearly and positively.

Banner Design

People aren’t looking to read a banner, a block of text is off-putting and if the event is busy, someone stopping to read it will just be an irritation. Think instead about images and keywords: what do you want people to associate with your business? Keep the important parts (logo, key attributes and so on) at the top of the banner, where they will be clearly visible and not blocked by traffic, and large enough to be seen and recognised at a distance. Think about who your target market is – and bear in mind that it may be different at exhibition shows-  so aim your stand at them.

People Presence

Fully brief the staff who will be on your exhibition stand before the day – remind them why they are there, what their objectives are and who to target. Think about questions that are likely to come up. Talk about body language, how to make the stand welcoming and a good place to be, and also to keep it brief. Make sure you have leaflets and flyers at hand for easy distribution, along with any promotional items or giveaways. Get in touch with key contacts before the day and let them know that you will be there, and use social media to spread the word.

With prior planning, an exhibition stand can be great fun and very rewarding. Put in a bit of effort beforehand for excellent results on the day.

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