Is Your Business Ready for Unified Communications?

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If you are looking to take your company to the next step of becoming a more efficient, productive and secure brand, you may be wondering whether or not it is ready for unified communications. Unified communications are the process of connecting all offline and online communications into one single and easy-to-use system which allows your company to use one application to manage all communication. For example, you could use just one device to receive all of your telephone messages, emails, and office IMs. Since communications are done over the company’s existing IP, it’s also a good opportunity to cut costs by reducing the amount of devices in the office and using less service providers.

Supported Communications

Unified communications integrate data, voice and video all in one. Just some supported communication types include telephone, email, voicemail, video calling, fax, screen sharing, SMS, instant messaging, and even collaboration and inter-office scheduling. For more information on a unified communications company that offers both communications and the analytics to monitor all communication types used, click the link.

Questions to Ask

If you are considering making the switch to unified communications, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions beforehand to ensure that your company is ready and that you are prepared for the changes. For example, you could consider asking things such as whether or not your company will benefit from unified communications due to a current break in communication in the office. If you find that you are missing important messages or emails a lot when you are out of the office, you are probably ready to take the next step in improving your company through unified communications. Along with that, it’s also important to consider your budget. Does your company have the capital required to revamp the communications system? Will you save money by cutting out multiple providers by making the switch? It is important that you are sure your company is not only efficient enough and ready to handle unified communications, but also in a position where the switch means that essential business needs will be met.

Choosing a Provider

Choosing a unified communications provider is no easy task, and the provider that you choose will have a huge influence on how well your company adapts to the switch. Because of this, it’s vital to take your time when choosing a provider in order to ensure that you choose one which is best equipped to meet the needs of your company. Before making a decision, it’s essential to get as much information as possible about the providers you have shortlisted. Interviewing them in order to ask about things such as maintenance and support is hugely important. Don’t forget to also ask questions related to the installation and setup of the system – will the provider do this for you, or are you expected to do it yourself?

There is no doubt that unified communications can streamline your company and make communication more efficient, but it’s important to both be ready and ensure that you take the time to make the right choice.

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