The Three Most Important Pages to Include on Your Website

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When designing your business website, it can be tricky to decide on exactly which pages you should include. Whilst you don’t want to overload your customers with tons of information by providing a huge number of pages, on the other hand you don’t want them to be left short, looking for information that they need which simply isn’t listed. Since it’s always hugely important to give your customers what they want and make sure that their visit to your site is pleasant and convenient, it’s a good idea to follow a basic plan for the pages which you include on your site.

Contact Details

One of the most important pages that you need to ensure to include on your site is the contact details page. Although you should definitely be looking to give your contact number to directory sites such as to make sure that your customers always have a method of contacting you even if they can’t find a number for you elsewhere, it’s also important to your reputation to have contact information on your site, too. When visiting your site, customers will expect to be able to get in touch further should they require to do so, for example to enquire about a product which is currently out of stock or to request information regarding delivery.

About Us

The ‘About Us’ page provides your customers with all the need-to-know information about your company. By letting your customers know more about you, for example how your company was founded, your mission, goals and achievements, you can help to foster a good relationship with them and ensure that they get to know your business and brand better. This is a great page for improving your branding, as you can write the ‘about us’ information in your brand’s ‘voice’ and use it to make a good impression on your customers, both old and new.

Delivery Information

One of the most important pages on any e-commerce site is the delivery information. If you’re using your site to sell products, make sure that your customers have easy access to a page which provides them with all the information that they need about receiving their orders. You should include information about delivery types, for example standard or express delivery, and make sure that you explicitly mention any areas which your company does not currently deliver to. Don’t forget to also include information about delivery prices, so that your customers know exactly how much they’re paying when they purchase from you.

Business Blog

Although it’s not an essential requirement for your website, a business blog is definitely worth a mention. More and more businesses are choosing to include a blog on their website, as it not only helps them to be better engaged with their customers, it’s also great for SEO as it means that you’ll constantly have new, fresh content being loaded onto your site.

Which pages do you think are absolutely necessary for a website? Let us know in the comments.

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