Weaveability’s SAP Ecommerce Platform

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Businesses looking to branch into ecommerce in the near future, or people looking to launch new ecommerce enterprises, have a lot of reasons to use SAP. Ecommerce can involve some complicated business processes at the back end if you have to consider manufacturing, supply, logistics, warehousing, fulfilment and all those other things that help get products to their end users, and SAP has great solutions for managing all of this complexity. It stands to reason then, that businesses using SAP would want to leverage their investment in SAP when it comes to their ecommerce platform itself, and this is where Weaveability’s B2C SAP ecommerce platform comes in.

Called Omnia, this solution from a leading SAP ecommerce provider is SAP HANA ready, and includes many SAP-centric features that can help existing SAP customers make better use of their staff’s existing experience and knowledge of SAP systems and data.


Weaveability’s Omnia SAP ecommerce solution is an omni-channel ecommerce platform that includes card payment and shopping cart facilities, order management, drop shipping, cross-sell and up-sell technology, easy offer implementation, prior visit tracking, and many other useful features that allow you to run your ecommerce site how you want to. It fully supports multi-lingual sites and multi-currency ecommerce, and also allows you to have alternative views for different brands stemming from the same core, which makes localisation and selling via different brand channels easy.  Implementing the Omnia solution gives you access to a range of real time solutions running directly from enhanced master data, such as Omnia SAP Contact Centre Applications and Omnia SAP Supplier Portals, and it’s here were the true benefits and ROI of the solution become clear.

SAP Best Practice Processes

Because Omnia is designed as a full ecommerce solution for businesses who have already invested in SAP, the coherence between the solution and SAP’s own ways of working is a clear benefit. Weaveability’s products are strategically aligned to SAP best practices and running the SAP-centric Omnia platform can minimise the cost and downtime associated with upgrades and expansions, as well as support costs, for companies already familiar with and dependent on SAP.

Who Are Weaveability?

Weaveability are a UK based software solutions provider who focus on SAP-centric web solutions, with the Omnia SAP ecommerce platform being one of their main strategic offerings. They have been around since 2009, when their founders created this solution to fill a gap in the ecommerce market for a real-time ecommerce solution for SAP that required no integration.


This ecommerce solution by Weaveability is an excellent choice if you need a flexible ecommerce solution that allows for a lot of branding, customisation and localisation, and are a business that is already using SAP or will be starting up with SAP as a core IT investment. It has all of the features of a smart ecommerce system designed to allow innovative and data driven promotions to be created and offered, and can simplify international ecommerce or ecommerce that sells through different brands from the same central business. Ecommerce sites built with Omnia at their core are responsive and mobile-ready, and can feature branding at any and all customer touch-points.

If you are looking into ecommerce solutions right now, it is well worth including this solution from Weaveability in your product evaluations.

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