Increase The Efficiency of Your Organization With Time & Attendance Tracking

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It goes without saying that any organization, irrespective of the size, will need proper attendance and time records of the employees. Time and attendance tracking used to be labor intensive and tedious task until recently, as it is not only about tracking the attendance, but also keeping track of other important records like arrival/departure time, over time, late arrival, leaves, half days, change in shift schedule and and so on.

Conventional record keeping using a register can lead to lower efficiency and productivity. To avoid this, a business house should opt for an automated attendance and time keeping platform. Though there are high end software platforms that can do these jobs flawlessly and increase productivity, most of the big name software are expensive. The best alternative is to go for a a web based software, that offers flexible plans based on the number of employees.

One of the latest platform with top notch features and affordable flexible pricing is Emplotime time and attendance tracking platform. It comes with all the features needed to cover the basic time keeping needs of small and medium sized business houses. The extremely user friendly portal, in addition to the normal clocking in and out, also provides various other important features likes real time tracking of the employees. You will also be able to monitor, administer, export and print the in/out and other related details of the employees.

Increase The Efficiency of Your Organization With Time & Attendance Tracking


Some of the other key features of Emplotime:

  1. Buddy punch lockout: Buddy punching is common even in a top level MNCs, you can use this platform to avoid buddy punching by opting for that feature.
  2. Realtime geolocation: You can now track the realtime geolocation of your employees at clocking time. This will come in handy if the employees has to work in a particular location outside the office premises. You can also get notified when an employee clocks in/out in real time.
  3. Notes for job completion: This feature will allow an employee to add a job description when he clocks out.
  4. Export the reports: You can export all the important reports to all main formats like .pdf, .doc, or .xls
  5. Overtime Reports: This platform has the option to add daily as well as weekly overtime reports and also the option to generate detailed overtime reports.
  6. Break Deduction: You can pre-configure this platform to automatically deduct a break after a particular amount of working hours.
  7. Multiple Punching: There is no limit for the number of times an employee clocks in, if this feature is activated.
  8. Responsive Design: Though this is a web based software, it is completely responsive, therefore you can use it in any device seamlessly.
  9. Unlimited Clocks: You can set as many web clocks as you need, and set them in any device.
  10. Customer Support: Emplotime is now running a program that extends your subscription by giving you free days with the program. They also offer 24/7 Support.

Emplotime has now added a new module – PTO Management, which allows you to manage employee’s Paid Time Off.

You don’t have anything to lose as they offer a 30 day free trail. Even after the trial period the pricing is very attractive; just $8 per user, per year.

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