Why Every Business Should Invest in Mobile Technology

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Why Every Business Should Invest in Mobile Technology

No matter where you turn on the web, you are probably seeing that mobile technology is the way forward for businesses large and small and that unless you invest heavily in technology you will be left behind. Is there any truth to this statement or is it simply a means to get more companies to invest in the products being advertised? Actually, there is a lot of truth to this assertion for a number of reasons which can be seen in terms of the internal workings within the company structure as well as in how technology impacts sales. If technology is going to improve efficiencies within the company and gather a much larger market share, then it is well worth the cost and is something every business should invest in.

What Market Research Says about Mobile Technology

According to the leading industry marketing research firm, Deloitte, the UK has gone mobile. Not only are consumers accessing the web via mobile devices more so than from land-based PCs but mobile technology is the way of the future for businesses and has, as such, advised that businesses invest more in IT, especially in HR solutions. One company that stands out from the crowd is xcdhr.com that is years ahead of the competition in terms of Cloud based solutions for how HR interacts with a mobile workforce.

Some Key Statistics Taken from the Deloitte Survey

Although every country is analysed separately, most Western nations have statistics that are quite close in terms of how mobile technology is impacting businesses. In the UK, as of the 2015 statistics, Deloitte found that:

  • More than 50% of those owning smartphones don’t wait longer than a quarter hour after waking to log check their phones.
  • In the UK alone there are more than 32 million smartphones sold annually and more than 6 million people hand their old phone down to family, friends or charitable organisations.
  • In 2014 only 3% of people made mobile payments in-store while that number jumped an amazing 10 points to 13% in 2015.
  • Here is a big one! In the 2014 survey only 8% of mobile phone users accessed via a 4G connection but in 2015 that number jumped to over 25%.
  • Only one-fourth of those using smartphones report making a traditional phone call within a seven day period.

And those are just statistics on how consumers are using mobile technology in terms of what it means to your business.

In keeping with these statistics, Deloitte is offering webcasts to teach businesses how to use mobile technology to benefit their HR departments. The firm says that there is an emerging trend for companies to utilise mobile technology for global payroll options. Remember, much of today’s workforce is either out in the field or operating from a remote (home based) office. They provide practical applications for improving HR efficiency with mobile technology and then take a long look at how companies can stay in better compliance with HR mobile solutions. If you are still questioning why your business should invest in mobile technology, keep these statistics in mind. Do you want to improve business efficiency whilst growing your customer base? Mobile technology is the best solution for the future and that’s really it in a nutshell.

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