Prevent Hacks With These Easy To Follow Tips

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Prevent Hacks With These Easy To Follow Tips

Hacking is something we all have to worry about nowadays, whether it’s our bank account, our gadgets or more commonly our websites.

Here are some tips to prevent hacks and keep your site safe.

Stay Informed 

To help prevent hackers from gaining access, you must stay up to date on the latest hacking threats. This information can help you protect your website from would-be hackers. Read updates from a variety of tech sites, including The Hacker News. Then, use this information to help you protect your site from attacks. This blog from Barclay Simpson looks at recent hacks and their impact and will help keep you up to date.

Protect Your Site By Enforcing Stricter Access Protocols 

The Admin level of a website is the easiest way for a hacker use. You can increase your protection with usernames and passwords that are not easily guessed. Change your database prefix from “wp6_” to a random and harder to guess prefix. Limit the number of login attempts within a certain timeframe. If a password is forgotten, do not send login details by email as the email account may be hacked.

Security Applications 

There are several free security applications as well as paid security applications that can be installed to make it more difficult for hackers to hack a website. A free plugin, such as Acunetix WP Security, provides an extra layer of protection by hiding your website’s CMS identity. This tool protects against automated hacking tools that scour the web looking for WordPress sites that have one or more known vulnerability.

Hide Admin Pages 

Your admin pages should not be indexed by search engines. To help prevent these pages being listed, use a robots_txt file. When admin pages are not indexed, hackers have a more difficult time. The website,, provides a tutorial on how to increase your site’s security to prevent hacker attacks.

Limit Access to File Uploads 

File uploads are one area of major concern when it comes to preventing hackers. No matter how secure a system is, a flaw or bug can allow a hacker to easily access all of your site’s data. To help prevent this from occurring, prevent access to uploaded files. These files should be stored outside the root director and script access should be required to access them. Contact your web host for more information. They will probably help set this up for you.

SSL Protocols 

Always use encrypted SSL protocols for transferring your users’ information from your website to your database. This protocol method helps prevent the information from being accessed and read while it is being transferred.

Prevent Auto-Fill 

If you allow the auto-fill option to fill out forms on your website, it may be vulnerable to an attack from any user’s phone or computer. Never provide a service for your users that increases the risk to an attack. Users prefer a safe site that prevents hacker attacks rather than an easy to use site.

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