The Importance of a Responsive Web Design in Ecommerce

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Responsive Website Design

It is obvious that mobile internet surfing is rapidly replacing the desktop for many who now use smartphones and tablets for various tasks. Of course, surfing the internet is not all mobile device users are doing. They also browse social media outlets, do online shopping, and check emails. It is easy to see that a responsive website is important.

With mobile internet usage increasing these days, it is vital for businesses to ensure having a mobile friendly website. This is normally not a huge concern. You already have a website designed specifically for desktop users and a separate one for mobile users. It is now possible to have one that offers equal access to both mobile users and those on a desktop. A design actually exists that is capable of handling both of these. It is the responsive design website.

A responsive website design is one that is constructed in such as way that allows content, images, and structure to remain the same no matter the device on which it is viewed. To demonstrate this, desktop users get a full view of the website, but mobile users viewing on a tablet or smartphone see a site that is retracted and more suited to a smaller screen.

Google favors the responsive website design because it does not like seeing two copies of the very same website, a mobile version and one for desktop. A responsive website that utilizes the same HTML and URL will adapt, fit, and retract as it accommodates various devices. There are many reasons for its appeal beginning with providing the optimum experience for users. The website automatically adapts to fit the viewers screen even though a single URL is used.

Furthermore, Google finds it more efficient since there is no requirement to crawl move than one site when indexing properties accurately. Google reports that mobile sites that are difficult to navigate run the chance of visitors leaving by over 60%. On the other hand, if the mobile site offers positive interaction, there is almost a  70% chance for them to convert. Responsive design offers optimal user experience because it is seamless and this translates into increased conversions.

First, it does not require a redirection to another URL just because of differing devices and this reduces the load time. Also it scales the site to better fit the device and this means mobile responsive websites do not make users work to zoom in or scroll as they navigate through the pages. This makes visitors happier and that adds up to increased conversions.

Many business owners are noticing and starting to adapt to this important shift in technology. And it’s not just high tech companies either. Even in a seemingly low tech industry like socks and hosiery, industry players are upgrading their website to accommodate mobile users. Jamie Arnold, the owner of, acknowledges, “in the past, we lost a lot of customers that tried to buy diabetic socks from their phones. It just didn’t work because our desktop site did not fit on smaller devices. Changing to a responsive website definitely increased sales and conversions.” Now, every page on their website is responsive from their company blog to each diabetic socks product page.

Across the board, an optimal viewing experience is achieved for the increasing number of users who use their mobile devices to search the internet when a responsive website design is implemented. A mobile website that is difficult and frustrating to use will cause viewers to go elsewhere causing a loss of revenue. Regardless of the device being used, a responsive design ensures visitors will be able to intuitively navigate the website.

The responsive website design is no longer a trend; it is a must for any business. Having the capability of offering consumers a beautifully optimized experience no matter which device they are using allows you to expand your reach and increase the chances of engaging individuals. The incredible value and cost effectiveness of this long lasting approach is clearly advantageous.

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