Does Your Company Need a PPC Manager?

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Does Your Company Need a PPC Manager?

Running a PPC campaign can seem like a constant struggle. Most companies begin to advertise online believing that traffic will magically appear and convert to sales. As you may have already learned the hard way, this is not how PPC works. It requires work and constant shifting on your part to adapt to changing needs.

In the environment, it’s worthwhile to consider if your company and Google AdWords campaign you are running will be better off with a PPC manager. A PPC manager is a professional third party who can handle online ad campaigns on your behalf. As there are technicalities involved with running PPC ads, some companies do need these professionals. If you want to know if a PPC manager is suited for your company, consider the following benefits that having one can provide:

PPC Managers are Keyword Research Experts

The most important aspect of a PPC ad is the keyword that you use. Though it may sound simple at first, choosing the right keyword is not easy. You have to spend considerable amounts of time researching keywords that are relevant to the target audience and the products or services you are selling. Employees often have to spend considerable amounts of time doing this research. If you are working on a limited budget, doing keyword research can be even harder. Free keyword tools, like Google’s, can only get you so far. PPC managers can take care of this trouble for you so your ad is perfectly poised to capture the attention of the target audience.

PPC Managers are Technically Very Knowledgeable

One of the great challenges of perfecting a PPC campaign is overcoming the technical aspects of it. Do you know the difference between CPM and CPC? Do you have employees who know tools like Google Keywords like the back of their hands? Can you retarget an ad, or calculate views, hits, and impressions? If you don’t know at least some of these things, then that’s a good indication that you really need a PPC manager. They are pros at all the technical aspects of running a PPC campaign.

PPC Managers Can Analyse the Effectiveness of the Ad Campaign for You

The most effective ad campaigns are the ones based on data. You can only get the data you need by analysing all the previously run PPC campaigns. Analysing in this manner requires a certain technical knowledge like how to use web tools and basic HTML. It may also require some statistical knowledge. Hiring an employee capable of all this can cost your company a lot, but a third-party PPC manager can get your company what it needs without draining your budget.

PPC Managers Can Perfect the Body Text of an Ad Copy

If your campaign is ineffective, it’s probably because the body text you use in your ads is wrong. PPC managers are experts at getting the ad copy just right. Most companies just imitate what they see on the web as PPC ads. However, for an ad copy to be truly successful, it would need to compel the target audience. Ad copies need to be tailored to the target audiences to be truly compelling. This requires a lot of work that only a PPC manager can do.

PPC managers can also lend you expert tips regarding how to best link landing pages and how to design dedicated landing pages for ads.

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