Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server Compared: Which One Is the Best?

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Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server Compared

Choosing a web hosting plan is an essential step when starting a website. If you have already looked into the matter and feel torn between virtual private server (VPS) and shared hosting, the article below will help you decide on which to pick.

VPS explained

Relying on VPS hosting means having your website hosted on a machine sold by a hosting service, with the possibility to install any compatible software to work on it. The method gives the user far more possibilities than simple hosting and empowers them much beyond the standard level. Basically, the user is allowed to work with the operating system and install programs. VPS represents a managed virtual server solution, in which you can get involved and do your own maintenance. It stands for more freedom and more available resources.

The pros and cons to the VPS solutions

The VPS solution is suitable to big or expanding businesses, as it won’t hinder their growth but allow it to take place. It is superior in terms of performance, stability and security and enables a higher level of customization. If you’re expecting to increase traffic to your website in future, then this is the best choice. Your data will stay secure and you’ll have loads of space for new information and applications. However, none of these will work unless you have a dedicated system administrator for the server. In addition to that, the price tag will be quite high and inexpensive offers are not to be trusted.


Selecting the right type of hosting for your online business is a matter of expectations, resources and development stage. Analyze the stage you’re at and your needs, as well as the goals or immediate expectations you’re having. This will ensure you don’t get stuck for a number of months with the wrong plan. If you make an initial bad choice, you can still switch to a better method later on.

The two hosting solutions presented are different in terms of available resources, security level and platform type. You can proceed like most clients and start with shared hosting before making the switch to VPS. The transition is allowed and will ensure you gain more control when the time is right.

What is shared hosting?

When you purchase a shared hosting package, you buy space on a server. Business ventures greatly benefit of this solution, which is recommended for small websites and a limited number of blogs to go with these. It’s possible to obtain extra storage space, but that also comes with a limit. It is especially good for start-ups and do not put much pressure on the client. All the difficult aspects are being taken care of, which lets you focus on the business matters at hand

The pros and cons of shared hosting

Shared hosting is a commonly used method and is the most inexpensive. It comes easily, as you don’t need to get involved in server maintenance. If you’re a newcomer, you will greatly benefit of this. It’s ideal especially when you’re not expecting a huge inflow of visitors to your pages.

However, you won’t be able to customize as much as you want, because you don’t have rights over the operating system and the software being used. Also, the email accounts number is limited, as the resources.

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