Understanding Your Audience Through an Analytical Approach

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One of the most difficult things to do is define an audience especially in the infancy of a company. A founder or investor could have an idea of what the target demographic is for a business or website but sometimes this can differ once things are launched. There will be some founders that will ignore what the numbers say to chase their own vision. Going against the odds happens in the business world but going against cold hard analytics makes even the biggest of risk takers squirm. Data gathered can help define and understand an audience incredibly well as it is quantitative rather than qualitative in nature. The following are some ways a business or website can understand their audience through a data driven approach.

Finding Your Actual Audience

One difficulty a new business can have is finding their audience especially if it is based on a new service or product. Even the largest brands in the world have to do research as to how a product will convert before they launch it. These companies generally use market research groups to help find the target demographic of a product. Whether it is a restaurant trying out a new flavor of drink or a cosmetics company trying to find out how to whom their new shade will appeal to. Going with the numbers is the most prudent thing that can be done but hiring a market research company can save millions in the long run instead of launching a dud of a product. These companies like Communications For Research have experience that helps eliminate bias as well as pick perfect candidates for the study.

This not only helps weed out dud products but it helps reduce the risk of marketing to the wrong demographic. Billions of dollars every year are wasted marketing to the wrong people or groups. Not all companies think it is necessary to test their product out before producing millions more. This is the difference between a company that has moderate success and those that are household names. Household names are willing to hedge their bets with a market research team’s help rather than launch a product blind to the public.

See What Social Platforms They Utilize

Tracking social media mentions along various platforms can be done with a few different programs or manually. This can be a great place to engage with an audience that wants to use a product or are raving about the product. Those who rave about the product should get the same attention as those who complaint about the product. Twitter is a place that many people complain or rave about companies so make sure to have an employee on this social media platform. Finding out which platforms customers use the most is important as it can help target them during social media marketing campaigns. Other platforms are review sites which people commonly look at before utilizing their services. Yelp and Google Reviews are extremely important to use in order to show care about what customers liked and did not like.

Seeing What is Converting

Google analytics is a tool that every business should utilize as it can help a business see what is converting. This shows how a person navigated to a website whether it is an external link, social media link, or from a specific search engine. The marketing budgeting team will jump for joy using this as they can see what gets the best return. The ROI can help modify budgets in the future in order to maximize profitability. This gives the company another way to see what their customers are searching, reading, and clicking. Content strategies can also be modified according to what type of copy has been converting.

Using data to understand your audience can help a company in a variety of ways. The marketing to this audience becomes immensely easier while the content generated to inform or entertain this audience also improves. Relying solely on data shouldn’t be done but rather interpreting the data along with utilizing this knowledge with the knowledge of the industry can having a company reaching their audience like never before.

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