Why Do You Need a Password Manager? Key Issues It Can Solve

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Are you keen on looking out for an IT solution that eradicates the problems of password weariness and security hiatuses? Do want a solution that helps your organization to meet the regulatory compliance requirements? Or, are you planning for a way to improve IT productivity manifolds by automating the process of password management needs, such as alerts during password changes and password retrieval processes? A solution protecting all your passwords – shared accounts, privileged accounts and so on not only allows secure management of IT infrastructure, but also saves you from the need of storing these files and spreadsheets.

Having an enterprise password manager solves multiple problems. On one hand it improves the overall efficiency of systems thereby driving incremental growth and strengthening customer confidences. On the other hand, it also saves you from the hassles of remembering separate passwords for the different applications you log on to. Here is a guide to help you be aware of the various solution sand issues a password manager can solve.

Enhances Operational efficiency and Productivity

A password management solution enables frequent changes of passwords across a broad spectrum of platforms. It reduces the latency in password recovery which otherwise would have to be done manually by the support team.

Boosts security

It stores encrypted passwords and continually monitors password usage. In addition to enforcing stringent password policies, it adheres to compliance guidelines thus imposes additional layers of security. There are some tools that enable a dual security mode to strengthen the security.

Centralized Storage

Storing all critical information in a centralized repository helps quick retrievals of any information related queries. It also ensures well-defined password ownerships.

Real time password reset mechanisms

Either through scheduled tasks or through web interfaces, password management solutions can remotely reset all your important passwords even without the click of a button. These tools enforce you to key in passwords which are strong and meet compliance and policy requirements. There are scripts which these tools run automatically in order to bring in compatibility across other databases and platforms offering applications over a wide range of accounts

Disaster retrieval and high flexibility

These tools keep a live and scheduled backup of the entire database that acts as a backup in case of unavoidable circumstances where the primary tool crashes. An uninterrupted service is key to most of the password management tools widely available in the market.

Offline support

You’d be wrong if you think you would be able to access all these advantages only when connected to the internet. Being offline also provides you with the same applications and is secured when you access the tools online. This provides a very critical advantage to its users besides adding to it the accessibility benefits through mobile phones as well.

Password manager tools have been deployed across organizations worldwide – small and large – and have gained a lot of credibility as well as customer confidence in the marketplace. There have been substantial business gains through the effective and efficient transformation of the IT landscape. If you have still not deployed a framework for your enterprise’s security, it is high time in the competitive landscape to research more on this and get started.

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