5 Useful Instagram Tips for Success

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An average of 58 million images are uploaded to Instagram every day.  With such a massive flow of images flooding the site on a continuous basis, how can we tell which ones are the most worthy?  It is all about Likes.

The easiest way to evaluate how your posts are performing is to check your Like since they are one of the major ways that users interact with one another.

With the new Instagram algorithm, likes have become even more important, since it ensures that the posts coming from accounts that we interact with the most are displayed first.  Therefore, if people engage with and like your photos, which will help to ensure they keep seeing them later on as well.

Only around 1,650,000,000 likes are given on a daily basis.  That only averages out to around 28 likes per post.  However, some images receive millions of likes, while others don’t have any.  We think that it’s about time for you to get your fair share of these likes.

So what can you do to increase the number of likes that your posts receive?

  1. Content is King

The most important and first way to receive more likes is to ensure you post high quality content that your target audience will find relevant to them.

Be sure that your themes, lighting and image resolution are all on point before you post an image.

  1. Timing Is Everything On Instagram

In the past have you posted a photo and thought it was going to get tons of attention from your followers and been disappointed with the low interaction rate it got instead?

It might have simply been a matter of posting at a bad time.  You not only need to ensure that you post on a consistent basis, but you also need to post at times when your video or photo is most likely to be viewed by your followers.

We recommend that you use split-testing and experiment with these times:

  • Weekdays from 6 am to 12 pm
  • Wednesday at 5 pm – Latergramme
  • Any time Monday through Thursday (except 3 pm to 4 pm) – Hubspot

Here is a full post on the subject.

  1. Get Personal

Try your best to get a bit more personal and don’t hesitate to show-off a little.  People respond quite well to story-telling. When you share your story, it helps to humanize yourself and people will feel like they know you better.  That might head to some of them feeling more comfortable about engaging more with your content.  Feel free to share a selfie that has a personal caption attached to it. People love that kind of thing.

  1. Link Your Instagram Account With Facebook

While we are discussing people who know you, remember that many of your friends on Facebook are on Instagram as well.  When you link these two accounts together those individuals will be notified that you have an account on Instagram.

Your friends that know you are already are the one who are most likely to like and comment on your content.  So that’s an easy technique that you can use to get more engagement for your content.

  1. Get Likes and Followers

Getting more likes and followers makes it a lot easier to grow your account and ensure that it is popular.

One great tip we’d offer is to purchase some Instagram likes and followers initially to make your site look very popular and then watch as people jump on the bandwagon. Nothing succeeds like success and this philosophy can really help you out.

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