E cig marketing can be a minefield, make it easy on yourself and outsource 

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The electronic cigarette and vaping industry is extremely competitive. To effectively market your products and gain market share it’s important that a concrete marketing strategy is created that covers both online and offline media. The way to succeed is to use a company who are experienced in this area.

Ecommerce website development

E cigarette sales have surged in recent years, with sales breaking through the $6 billion mark. If you’re going to be able to compete with the hundreds of brands already available for purchase you need a high performing website which shows off your brand and brings in sales.

Search marketing

Making users aware of your brand is the main strategy in e cig marketing. Online marketing allows you to display your ads to target markets on the websites they are browsing and test out different ads to find out which ones produce the most clicks and sales.

Email marketing

Keeping in touch with your client database is the most effective way to make repeat sales and keep longstanding customers. A well timed email with a great offer is a goldmine, especially if you target the right type of customers.

E cig marketing can be very tough as there are new regulations coming in May 2017. This may hit some businesses hard and they need to act now to keep ahead of the curve.

Display case design

Your e cig needs to have a recognisable brand if it is going to survive. When a customer walks into a convenience store or vaping shop they need to know that your brand is available and be shown a reason they should buy into it.

Direct marketing and print media

Customers aren’t just searching online, they are walking the streets unaware of your products. Catch their attention during their daily activities with leaflets and direct marketing. If a potential prospect is thinking of getting an e cigarette, receiving one of your flyers in the post or being handed one in the street might just make them into a new customer.

Social sharing

There’s nothing better for your business than a recommendation from a trusted customer. Word of mouth is the number one way that businesses get new repeat customers and allows fast growth. Social sharing on social media is the new way to recommend a product or business to all of your friends. How many times have you seen a product or service posted on your friends Facebook timeline and thought, “that looks good, I’ll try that”. As you’ve found out about it from a friend you’re more likely to trust that it’s a good thing.

Your business can tap into the trust your customers build with each other to build a strong business that will continue to grow.

Event marketing

One of the most cost effective ways to find new customers who are unaware of your brand is to hold an event. To make an event successful you need a variety of services, including design, printing and organisation. It’s essential that you find an e cig marketing company to manage this process for you and make it a success.

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