When Should Your Company Hire Third-Party IT Services?

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IT consultants are experiencing some of the highest demand in Australia and worldwide. Even some medium size companies are hiring IT people from outside on advisory and consultancy capacities. If you run a small or a medium sized business, it’s worthwhile to ponder if this is a smart idea. Let’s look at some of the situations when your company should hire IT consultants and when you should not:

For Special Skills

Can your company’s tech person design an Android app for your business? If not, this is the sort of situation that requires a third-party hire. If your company is in desperate need of special tech skills, such as for app development and programming, then by all means seek third party services. These are much cheaper than hiring full-time techies with the necessary skills, which will cost your business a lot of money.

For Managing Tech Infrastructure like Cloud

Most companies find great benefits by switching over to cloud tech. However, there are many things to do beyond the initial cloud migration. Once the migration is complete, your company will have to handle things like cloud portfolio management. Doing this in-house will cost a lot of resources, which can easily be conserved by hiring a third-party specialist. Likewise, when you company invests in special types of tech, you will need third-party people to handle the various demands posed by software. These demands include troubleshooting, maintaining security, programming, and so on. It’s best to hire another firm to do this on your behalf.

For Independent Assessments

Want to know how secure your office system is? Then you will need an independent IT consultant. It’s nearly impossible to get an unbiased analysis in-house. Independent consultants also have experience is spotting potential issues that can lead to major problems later. They will also have the necessary experience to give valuable advice that will improve your company’s IT infrastructure. If your company is seeking an assessment of existing infrastructure, the only course of action is to hire a third party consultant.

For Writing New Software

Does your company need help writing new software to improve existing infrastructure? Then you can hire third-party programmers for the project. These programmers can interact with one or two in-house employees to get the project going. Hiring managers know how expensive it is to hire full-time, third-party programmers. If you hire a programmer especially for a project, your company will be stuck with the employee even after the project concludes. So, it’s best to pair up your in-house programmers with outside help. The only exception to this is when your company is software company developing proprietary software. Needless to say, your company will have to write all the code to own copyright.

When Hiring Full-Time IT People Becomes Too Expensive

Obviously, not all companies have considerable IT budgets. Some companies, especially the small ones, may struggle to hire even a single IT person. These companies can save money by moving all IT services to a third-party. As long as the service provider is trustworthy, and is bound by contract to respect your business privacy, this arrangement should not pose problems.

Whenever there’s a tedious IT job that needs to be done, you can get it done cheaply by hiring a third-party provider. Your company should not worry about third-party IT people. Seek respectable services to avoid potential conflicts.

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