The Most Common Causes of RAID Data Loss

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For those who are unfamiliar with RAID technology, the word is an abbreviation of a redundant array of disks, as the powerful storage unit features multiple hard drive disks or SSDs (Solid-State Drives) to improve a computer’s performance and data redundancy.

While RAID can provide an effective storage solution for both individuals and small businesses, array failures can unfortunately result in significant data loss. We are therefore look at the common reasons behind the data loss so you can make an informed decision or avoid making any mistakes with the single logical unit.

Hard Drive Damage

Hard drives are delicate, so they can be prone to failure. If the hard drives within the unit experience physical damage or misuse, you could risk affecting the internal operations, which could result in data become irretrievable. One of the most common internal failures within a hard drive is a damaged drive head, which could be due to wear and tear from contacting the drive platter.

RAID Controller Failure

The RAID controller manages every hard drive within the unit. So, if the controller experience a failure, it will impossible to access the drives or the data that lives on each drive. A controller failure is commonly caused by a sudden power surge, which is a short spike in the electricity supply. You should never reboot the RAID system or you will risk losing the data. Instead, you should consult a RAID recovery specialist to help you retrieve your files.

Accidental Data Deletion

Human error can sometimes be the biggest cause of RAID data loss, because it can be so easy to accidentally delete a file from a computer. Fortunately, if you have not written new data, the file can be easily restored; however, it will be impossible to recover the file if you overwrite the data.

Corruption of the Circuit Board

The RAID drive will malfunction if the circuit board from the hard drive suffers damage. All that will be left to do is opt for a RAID data loss recovery. Many people believe you could just swap the circuit board with ease, but this is unfortunately not possible. As we mentioned earlier, hard drives are very delicate and each has its own unique ROM chips, so you will only add fuel to the flames if you attempt to replace the circuit board.

Incorrect Rebuild of the RAID Volume

Another big cause of RAID data loss is the incorrect build-up of the RAID volume, which could unfortunately result in a system breaking down altogether. An improper RAID rebuild could be anything from an alternative configuration, missing hard drive or an out-of-order drive, plus so much more.

RAID technology undoubtedly provides a greater level of security for your valuable data, but it does incorporate complex machinery that can be prone to failure through use, neglect or accidental damage, so care for the machinery and speak to an experienced RAID professional should you experience any hardware or data issues.

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