Improving Your YouTube Channel for Better Profits

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Improving Your YouTube Channel for Better Profits

The world of YouTube can be a fun way to express your views or show off a hidden talent. But for the most part, content creators are there for one main reason; to make a profit. As many of you already know, YouTube, which is now owned by Google, pays its content creators for the number of views they get. In return, Google will display ads while your content plays. This monetization is a great way to earn some serious cash, but it also takes a lot of work.  Below we are going to learn some tips that will help your channel earn better profits.

Add Some Channel Art

A great way to make your channel more appealing to your subscribers is by adding some YouTube channel art. By adding banners that are appealing to the eye, your channel will look more professional.  Backgrounds are also important and finding the right background photo for your channel can make all the difference. When choosing banners and background art, make sure that it has some relevance to your channel. Random pictures and graphics can often confuse subscribers.

Pay Close Attention to Comments

One of the best ways to keep your subscribers coming back for more is by answering comments. By simply connecting to your viewers by chatting with them in the comment section, you will be building a fan base. We all know how important subscribers are to our views, so why not make them feel welcome?

Also, make sure to remove those comments that can be considered offensive. This will help keep everything YouTube friendly and avoid getting your channel flagged for violations. As your channel grows, it will be difficult to keep up with all the comments. So, hiring a social media manager to help keep the comment section flowing is a good idea. For more information on how to hire a social media manager, please check out this link.

Feature Your Best Video

By default, YouTube will feature the latest video that you have uploaded. While this is a great way to showcase your new video, it might not be the best practice. Instead, feature your best video. This will help your content gain even more views. Your best video will be the one with the most views, and if you want it to go viral, why not place it in the featured section? This is a wonderful tip for those who want to showcase their best work. But remember that your featured video should be directly related to the theme of your channel. For more information on how to change your featured video, please follow the instructions found here.

By following these simple tips, you should see an increase in your views.  Having a professional looking channel is important.  Also, remember to do your best when creating channel art. In addition, always make sure that you stay active in the comment section and answer any questions that your subscribers have. If you are serious about building your YouTube channel, these tips will help you get a great start!

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