Using Technology to Increase Your ROI

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Businesses hope for a return on investment (ROI) in their business ventures, but, not all investments prove fruitful. Poor investments happen because of poor timing, insufficient research and inadequate technology. To increase your ROI, technology needs to be utilized. Here’s how email marketing tools and innovative technologies can strengthen your ROI.

One challenge marketers face in their email campaigns includes email personalization. Personalized emails make for happier customers as they receive relevant content. This can equate to more sales. There are many marketing technologies marketers can use, such as third-party data collectors, attractive and functioning email templates, and automated email services.

56% of marketers have said email segmentation is their most effective email marketing tactic. Email segmentation sounds time consuming; however, your email marketing platform can implement tools that will segment your demographics. Make sure your email marketing amenity provides this service, so you can create emails with personalized subject lines and body text. Personalization can generate a 760% increase in revenue.

Additionally, 31% of marketers have also admitted that a responsive design proves effective. Your email must be able to reach your customers through multiple electronic devices; this increases your brand’s awareness, limits frustrations, and improves click-through rates and sales. Investing in the best technology, graphic designs and email template packages will allow your customers to easily navigate your emails.

Not only should you invest in technology to produce better quality content and more targeted, personalized emails for your campaigns, but you should also use the popularity of mobile devices to your advantage. Invest in technology and services to improve your reach; make sure your emails can be read over multiple electronic devices. Use technology to increase your ROI through better quality content and a diverse array of mobile devices.

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