3 Modern Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Website’s Performance and Earning Potential

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3 Modern Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Website's Performance and Earning Potential

The old adage “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t exactly apply to modern sites. This is especially true if you’re selling a product or want to build a blog that generates passive income.

After all, competition is fierce out there in just about every marketing sphere. As a result, today’s websites rely on a variety tools when it comes to building authority, ensuring sales and driving visitors to take action.

Think about it: anyone can build a website, right? But how do you craft a site that grabs your visitors’ attention from the word “go?”

Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to finding the answer. Plenty of modern tech tools have emerged to help increase time-on-page, decrease bounce rate and ultimately guide your visitors to take the actions that you want them to take. Consider the following three tools that represent the cornerstones of a supercharged site that sells.

Explainer Videos

Video marketing is experiencing a surge like no other right now, which explains why so many marketers are investing heavily into video content. The popularity of video also explains why so many websites and landing page are sporting explainer videos to win over visitors.

And why not? While it’s easy to lose your visitors within a long-form sales letter or landing page, video content is easy to consume and causes your visitors to stick around the page. Whether through reading a script on camera or using a whiteboard explainer video to win over your visitors, striking visual content on-site is a surefire way to hold your traffic’s attention.

Awesome Analytics

Although having Google Analytics on-site may be a no-brainer, many marketers mess up when it comes to how they take advantage of the free platform. For example, not all metrics on Google Analytics are created equal for fine-tuning your site’s performance. The most important metrics to track include…

  • Bounce rate, which signals whether or not your visitors are interested in sticking around your site or simply bounce after glancing at what you have to offer
  • Traffic sources, which helps you determine what’s working and what isn’t in terms of your off-site marketing
  • Interactions per visit, which essentially lets you know if your traffic is actually taking action on-site versus just wandering around without clicking anything

Well-Placed Pop-Ups

Despite popular belief, pop-up forms are far from dead for building your site’s email list or encouraging your visitors to engage with your lead magnets. Although you may perceive them as annoying, the fact remains that pop-ups perform well when in regard to conversion optimization.

Simple pop-ups and exit-intent pops are the bread and butter of marketers today looking to make the most of their traffic. If your site is providing legitimate value to your audience, whatever you’re offering via pop-up shouldn’t annoy them. As long as you’re not pushing any salesy language or insulting the intelligence your audience, chances are you’re fine.

Keeping visitors on-site and encouraging them to take action requires you to fix up your site with conversions in mind. These tools can help turn your tepid traffic into long-term readers, subscribers and customers sooner rather than later.


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